Of all the startup platforms in Europe at the moment, none are as fast-growing or international in scope as SCALE11 at CEBIT. Jelurida is pleased to announce that we will be on stage & have a booth within the Blockchain zone of the conference. This is exciting exposure, and we are proud to represent Ardor, Nxt, and Ignis at this event!
A nice exploration of Ardor’s technology and model of a #blockchain solution that sets it apart from other Blockchain as a Service projects. Thanks, @stocksgazette and @KielThompson
Many in the Telegram community may have read this already, but for those who have not, learn how one entrepreneur, Sandoche Adittane, the founder of, explores the options he considered and how he finally settled on the Nxt wallet to create and integrate Blockchain into his product. A great example of how to combine skills and build Blockchain to suit one's needs.
TOP TOP TOP!!! Hi Everyone! We are delighted to share with the Slack community that Jelurida is invited by the Oxford University (@UniofOxford) & Oxford Foundry (@oxfoundry) to help educate its student and faculty on the future of Blockchain technology and Blockchain-as-a-Service. Thanks to the work of Alberto Fernandez, long-time member of our community, and Veronica Torras, Head of Marketing and Business Development at Jelurida, they will both present the Ardor technology to the audience next Monday May 14th at 18h CET. Jelurida it is very excited to be working with these great minds on the future of this technology.
Blockchain software applications require the utmost trust in many aspects, especially from the company running the platform! Jelurida realizes this need for trust in all elements of our company. Our co-founder Lior Yaffe explains how we hold this at the core of our company values.

Reminder — coming agenda! 🌏:✈️::Ardor::Ignis::Nxt: We are on the road in the coming weeks: Jelurida will be networking and presenting our brand and suite of Blockchain offerings to the Blockchain community. If you are around, come say hello! May 14: Oxford University May 17 ~ 18: Global Blockchain Technology Summit, London May 23 ~ 29: Korea Innovation Center, Business Meetings & Meet-Ups May 28 ~ 29: Blockshow Europe, Berlin June 11 ~ 15: CEBIT, Hannover

An Oracle in the context of a Blockchain is a process which retrieves information from an external resource and registers it on the Blockchain. Join our co-founder Lior Yaffe in his recent article exploring how Ardor works with Oracles. It’s an interesting read and will help explain this important element of Blockchain technology.
A nice exploration of Ardor’s technology and model of a #blockchain solution that sets it apart from other Blockchain as a Service projects. Thanks, @stocksgazette and @KielThompson
This is a great exploration of why Ardor is ideal for Oracle implementation, and the importance of this key element of the Blockchain ecosystem. The marketplace for these software models is growing exponentially, and Jelurida is ready to respond! Thanks to @Crypto_Potato
Nxt differs from other Blockchain platforms because it has pre-packaged features and application abilities right out of the box. There is no need to learn and code your Smart Contract application from scratch. This is one of the many Q&A topics we cover in our new series with Jelurida co-founder Lior Yaffe. — Marketplace — Smartcontracts — AssetExchange — VotingSystem — EncryptedMessages And more!
Update Ardor.World 1. Ardor Blockchain Analyze (Blockchain activities) 2. Ignis Blockchain Analyze (Blockchain activities) Link:
"Not just another blockchain service provider. Jelurida has developed a customizable Blockchain infrastructure that is ready for customer use." Thanks so much to for exploring how Ardor and Nxt are genuinely customizable Blockchain solutions! We are excited to share this article with the community:
Happy to share an announcement about a significant MeetUp opportunity for our Korean community to meet Lior Yaffe, the Co-founder and Managing Director of Jelurida and core-developer of Ardor and NXT. Lior will present new updates to the Jelurida roadmap, and look at some of the latest feature additions to the platform, such as Pruning, which eliminates Blockchain Bloat. Please, join us!
"Businesses that need a Blockchain as a Service platform will find undeniable potential in #Ardor as a value proposition." Thanks for the excellent write-up and comparison to our peers!
Happy to share an announcement about a significant MeetUp opportunity for our Korean community to meet Lior Yaffe, the Co-founder and Managing Director of Jelurida and core-developer of Ardor and NXT. Lior will present new updates to the Jelurida roadmap, and look at some of the latest feature additions to the platform, such as Pruning, which eliminates Blockchain Bloat. Please, join us!
An update for the community that Ardor is continuing to expand its international presence over the past week at four major blockchain events worldwide in #Oxford, #London, #Monaco, and #NewYorkCity. Live demonstrations were given, and valuable connections were made! View the full press release:
Ardor offers a Blockchain as a Service (Baas) that can be implemented by anyone–including firms and companies in the financial sector. Its ability to remove un-needed transactions solves the common issue of scalability, called Blockchain Bloat, and its’ proven history of development with Proof Of Stake make it a strong choice for firms to consider. Thanks to @insidermonkey
Ardor and Jelurida members attended Blockshow Europe in Berlin May 28th and 29th, taking time to network and meet those in the blockchain community from Europe and beyond. It was a great success, with many solid connections and meetings. Team members of Jelurida and members from the Ardor and Nxt community connected with the worldwide blockchain community exploring use cases for Ardor, Ignis, and Nxt.
A blockchain lab held on Wall Street in NYC showing an Ardor proof-of-concept demo for a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange (DEX) for Jelurida hopes you will check out the demo by here: #DEX #ARDR $ARDR
We asked Ardor community members what they wanted to know most about our Lightweight Smart Contracts, and here are some of the top questions and answers regarding this hot Blockchain technology. Take a peek at one of Lior Yaffe’s latest articles.
Happy to share that Jelurida will be presenting Ardor at the at WEBIT Festival Europe on June 25-27 in Sofia. We will be explaining the many compelling benefits of Ardor and Nxt technology. Looking forward to connecting with enterprises and startups about the power of blockchain and Ardor.
veronica [11:31 PM] After Oxford, London, Berlin, Monaco, Lugano, Hannover, Korea, this week, part of the Jelurida team is giving Ardor workshops in Barcelona and Mataró: Wednesday, June 20th: workshop and breakfast at Tecnocampus, Mataró, for technology companies at their Technology Business Hub. Thursday, June 21st: workshop in the evening at the Blockchain for Business Meetup, in Barcelona The workshop includes why id blockchain important for business, the challenges of the industry, and a live / do it yourself smart contract demo where attendees can do their first transactions and build a smart transaction, all with Ardor.
"Ardor is a significant Blockchain-as-a-Service platform that adds a variety of useful features to the blockchain model, and addresses the key issues of scalability and use-case for adoption and integration of its technology into business." Thanks, to for the in depth technical review.

It's an independent blockchain developed from scratch on Java.

#Ardor just became…the most customer-centric platform of our time that cares about its users to their last wishes... With the Dead Man Switch, death is not the end of your riches. Make a wish, and flip the switch.
I often tell people the best way to learn the power of the $ARDR #blockchain is to take a tour of the wallet. Here @CryptoDemetrius gives a very straightforward demonstrate of just how to do that. See fo yourself!
Here's another opportunity to make our votes count as we vote for Ardor / NXT: Proposed Q&A site for proposed Q&A site for developers and users of the Ardor and NXT distributed computing platform which runs the #blockchain for the #Ardor, $Ignis, $NXT, and other child chains. We need 26 more followers and 33 more questions with a score of 10 or more. We can do it and even more.
Vivien from EZYcount joined me earlier today to talk about the EZYcount project to bring Taal and AI to accounting solutions on the blockchain. Watch it here:
Lightweight contracts and transaction vouchers are now released on testnet! Ardor v2.1.0e is experimental release, mandatory upgrade for TESTNET nodes only Testnet hardfork will happen in 24 hours. #Ardor #blockchain #crypto #ARDR
A wish you were here with us greeting from @TravinKeith @EZYcountsuisse @wire_master @bl0kphile and me 🔥 #ignitingtheblockchain in #Zurich
We know many people want to learn How to Build their hashtag#Cryptocurrency with Proof of Stake (PoS). Well, it can happen in just a few minutes! This is an excellent  step by step guide on how to use the Nxt Blockchain Creation Kit. Thank you for the article, Sandoche Adittane.
Learn all about #Ardor #blockchain for broad #Business adoption: — Quick Intro about Ardor — Community projects — @jelurida latests news — New features released in Testnet this summer #Lightweight Contracts and Transaction #Vouchers #workingproduct
News digest 05.09.18 📌 Nxter is updating their email list and this is a great time to join them. 📌 Jelurida launched a new YouTube channel. 📌 ArdorForum goes Online. If you had an account with nxtforum you will have an account on ArdorForum accessible with the same credentials. 📌 has Become 📌 Elizabeth Mong, the ANG Director, had a meeting with Rodica Verbeniuc, Director at The Agency for Investment of the Republic of Moldova. 📌 The Winners of the Danube Gamejam / Hackathon ($4000 worth of IGNIS) created a running app that allowed you to collect other conference participants as a trading card, not too dissimilar to Pokemon Go. 📌 On September 3rd the Dominium ITO started, this time at €0.10 per DOM. 📌 Lee Gibson Grant, a blockchain entrepreneur, is announcing a massive project in Moldova: wine tourism and the underappreciated wine regions of the world tied together with future tourists by using Nxt based Smart Contracts in order to sustain and develop rural economic segments of the world. 📌 This week blockchain-gaming project Tarasca DAO published a Medium article that talks about the concept for the monsters and potential revenue streams for holders of entire “sets” of monsters.
How I created my own cryptocurrency blockchain in less than 30 minutes.
News digest 19.09.18 📌 In a couple weeks Jelurida will publish Java coding challenges for those who wish to hone their Java skills in the Lightweight Contract environment. 📌 The Ardor Bootcamp course on Udemy is now free to register. 📌 The ANG has itself a new office in Lancaster, PA. 📌 Soon C2C crypto ATMs will be tested in public places like airports. 📌 The EZYcount ICO is opened to the general public. 📌 You can now register for Bitswift CASH tokens. 📌 The director of the ANG released a nifty tutorial on how to build your own blockchain.

News digest 27.09.18 📌 This week Jelurida attended Blockchain Fest’18 in Istanbul and Finnovista Pitch Day in Madrid, showing what they got. 📌 The renovated Ardor wiki with full feature and API documentation should be available during October 2018. 📌 This week Ardor.World celebrated one year of being online! 📌 The Ardor Bootcamp on Udemy, created by Eric Funk, is now free for a limited period of time. 📌 The Dominium community is nearly 40,000 strong now. 📌 EZYcount was selected by the accelerator Fintech Fusion in Geneva for their next fintech startups program. 📌 The Tarasca web wallet is in the private testing phase. DTMA (Distributed Technology Moldova Association) started discussions with Jelurida relating to obtaining a DTMI Ardor child-chain. 📌 xCubicle demonstrates Chrome extension: Blockchain Gateway.

Ardor.World - News digest 10.10.18 📌 A new Ardor mainnet version v2.1.2 is released. New features: Changelly exchange support directly enabled into the Ardor wallet via a plugin, Transaction Vouchers, Bundler templates. 📌 A new Nxt version 1.11.15 was released. 📌 CryptoDemetrius released Ardor Updates 09/2018 video. 📌 The Ardor Bootcamp is still free on 📌 Still unsolved Nxter Puzzle (October I) now has 2000 IGNIS in the prize account! 📌 Mrv777 has updated his and ANG's website with a comparison of common blockchain platforms. 📌 Dominium lowered their ITO hard cap, they have a new sponsorship with a fitness app (WalkyFit) and they hired a new Head of Development. 📌 Triffic released the newly updated white paper and website. 📌 EZYcount announced that their team was accepted into the Geneva Fintech Fusion Accelerator and that they will pitch at a forum in the Swiss state of Vaud. 📌 Huobi announced ARDR Trading Campaign - their top 30 ARDR traders will get 200K+ free ARDR awarded! 📌 ARDR can now be traded on the Hong Kong based Exchange. 📌 A Google Play update for the Ardor Lite app was released. 📌 The Rya team (formerly known as Ryō) has announced a snapshot date - they expect the snapshot of the Nxt blockchain to occur on November 17th of this year, with airdrop of 0.4 RYA for each Nxt token for Nxt holders.

Ardor.World - News digest 30.10.18 🚀 📌 Jelurida announced The Ardor Hackathon challenges - develop Lightweight Contracts and win up to $21.000. 📌 Jelurida has launched the Ardor Learning Hub, built by their developers with the help of the community. 📌 Travin Keith, managing director of Altrean, and member of the Linux and HyperLedger Foundation pitched a European-wide organ and blood blockchain database this week at the Linux Foundation's Open Source Summit 2018. 📌 Jelurida, XendBit, and Dominium went to Blockchain Summit NG. 📌 A new forging pool (CharityForgingPool) wants to donate its earnings to charity. 📌 Users of the social website are now getting crypto assets for participation on its community forum. 📌 Dominium and China Blockchain Partners (CBP) have signed an extensive partnership agreement to support Dominium’s activities within the Chinese market as a gateway to Asia. 📌 Patoshi needs more testers for another Ardor dapp he made for attachment encrypted or public notes to any site you visit.

Ardor.World - News digest 06.11.18🚀📌 Ardor 2.2.0e Released - Mandatory testnet upgrade introduces 10 seconds block time, Dominium real estate child chain, new Asset Properties feature, Voucher fix and Lightweight Contract improvements.📌 Veronica Torras discussed the BaaS landscape at a MITA meeting in Malta. Ardor is the first and currently only working Full Blockchain-as-a-Service platform running in production.📌 Ardor Lite Version 2.0.2 Released.📌 New WalletNxt Version Released.📌 Adedayo Adebajo will be speaking at the first West African Cybersecurity & Blockchain Technology Conference in Lagos, Nigeria, on November 10.📌 Jelurida attends Asia Blockchain Week in Singapore, on November 27 - December 1.📌 Ardorgate's banking partner Mister Tango announced that due to contract cancellation with their current payment card provider, Mistertango payment cards are de-activated and no longer working from November 1, 2018.📌 Max Property Group has launched the world's first property fund on blockchain, Dominium announced.📌 Lee Gibson Grant announced in ArdorNxt.slack: You can buy CiviX shares at 0.50$ till 31st October. After that they will increase to 0.75 and 15 days later 1$. Anyone that buys on the pre-funding rounds will also recieve DTMI tokens as a reward on top of the shares purchased.