News digest 19.09.18 📌 In a couple weeks Jelurida will publish Java coding challenges for those who wish to hone their Java skills in the Lightweight Contract environment. 📌 The Ardor Bootcamp course on Udemy is now free to register. 📌 The ANG has itself a new office in Lancaster, PA. 📌 Soon C2C crypto ATMs will be tested in public places like airports. 📌 The EZYcount ICO is opened to the general public. 📌 You can now register for Bitswift CASH tokens. 📌 The director of the ANG released a nifty tutorial on how to build your own blockchain.





News digest 27.09.18 📌 This week Jelurida attended Blockchain Fest’18 in Istanbul and Finnovista Pitch Day in Madrid, showing what they got. 📌 The renovated Ardor wiki with full feature and API documentation should be available during October 2018. 📌 This week Ardor.World celebrated one year of being online! 📌 The Ardor Bootcamp on Udemy, created by Eric Funk, is now free for a limited period of time. 📌 The Dominium community is nearly 40,000 strong now. 📌 EZYcount was selected by the accelerator Fintech Fusion in Geneva for their next fintech startups program. 📌 The Tarasca web wallet is in the private testing phase. DTMA (Distributed Technology Moldova Association) started discussions with Jelurida relating to obtaining a DTMI Ardor child-chain. 📌 xCubicle demonstrates Chrome extension: Blockchain Gateway.

*Vote for Ardor to be listed on Kucoin.* You only need to two things, a Telegram account and a Kucoin account. The voting bot went live on September 27, 18:00 (UTC+8), and voting will remain open until September 30, 18:00 (UTC+8). All rules are pinned in the The more KCS your account holds, the more your vote will count (max 1000). 1 KCS in your account = 1 vote 2 KCS in your account = 2 votes 3 KCS in your account = 3 votes 1000 KCS in your account = 1000 votes >1000 KCS in your account = 1000 votes Ardor is ranked No. 14 with 65 points at the moment. *Let’s get it to the top!* To vote, please note that @kucoin_official_bot is the only voting bot you should be interacting with. *The voting is now live and voting will close on September 30, at 18:00 (UTC+8).*

News digest 03.10.18🚀 📌 Job Offers at Jelurida: Senior Java Engineers, Web and Mobile Developers, Website Designer and UI/UX Specialist. 📌 The new Ardor YouTube channel's URL is now: 📌 released new Nxter Puzzle – Ardor Rocks! 📌 Elizabeth, from the Ardor & Nxt Group, conducted a 45-minute interview with the XendBit team. 📌 Ardor is going to be at the gathering of business leaders in Madrid for the South Summit on October 3rd and 4th. 📌 ARDR can now be traded on Huobi Global. 📌 IGNIS can now be traded on ExchangeHero. 📌 IGNIS can now be traded on Changelly. 📌 Triffic announced that the app began beta testing recently. You need an invitation code to test the Triffic beta app. 📌 Last week Jelurida released Ardor v2.1.1e. 📌 The Lightweight Contracts wiki is updated with thorough documentation and many helpful screenshots to aid anyone. 📌 The second round of the EZYcount ICO at 10 EZY tokens per CHF, lasts till October 15th, 2018. Frasindo team announced that they received final approval from the Indonesian government.

阿朵上了 上了香港CEO交易所 速度搬砖过去啊


Ardor.World - News digest 10.10.18 📌 A new Ardor mainnet version v2.1.2 is released. New features: Changelly exchange support directly enabled into the Ardor wallet via a plugin, Transaction Vouchers, Bundler templates. 📌 A new Nxt version 1.11.15 was released. 📌 CryptoDemetrius released Ardor Updates 09/2018 video. 📌 The Ardor Bootcamp is still free on 📌 Still unsolved Nxter Puzzle (October I) now has 2000 IGNIS in the prize account! 📌 Mrv777 has updated his and ANG's website with a comparison of common blockchain platforms. 📌 Dominium lowered their ITO hard cap, they have a new sponsorship with a fitness app (WalkyFit) and they hired a new Head of Development. 📌 Triffic released the newly updated white paper and website. 📌 EZYcount announced that their team was accepted into the Geneva Fintech Fusion Accelerator and that they will pitch at a forum in the Swiss state of Vaud. 📌 Huobi announced ARDR Trading Campaign - their top 30 ARDR traders will get 200K+ free ARDR awarded! 📌 ARDR can now be traded on the Hong Kong based Exchange. 📌 A Google Play update for the Ardor Lite app was released. 📌 The Rya team (formerly known as Ryō) has announced a snapshot date - they expect the snapshot of the Nxt blockchain to occur on November 17th of this year, with airdrop of 0.4 RYA for each Nxt token for Nxt holders.


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Ardor.World - News digest 30.10.18 🚀 📌 Jelurida announced The Ardor Hackathon challenges - develop Lightweight Contracts and win up to $21.000. 📌 Jelurida has launched the Ardor Learning Hub, built by their developers with the help of the community. 📌 Travin Keith, managing director of Altrean, and member of the Linux and HyperLedger Foundation pitched a European-wide organ and blood blockchain database this week at the Linux Foundation's Open Source Summit 2018. 📌 Jelurida, XendBit, and Dominium went to Blockchain Summit NG. 📌 A new forging pool (CharityForgingPool) wants to donate its earnings to charity. 📌 Users of the social website are now getting crypto assets for participation on its community forum. 📌 Dominium and China Blockchain Partners (CBP) have signed an extensive partnership agreement to support Dominium’s activities within the Chinese market as a gateway to Asia. 📌 Patoshi needs more testers for another Ardor dapp he made for attachment encrypted or public notes to any site you visit.

Nxt空投rya 是真的假的?



Ardor.World - News digest 06.11.18🚀📌 Ardor 2.2.0e Released - Mandatory testnet upgrade introduces 10 seconds block time, Dominium real estate child chain, new Asset Properties feature, Voucher fix and Lightweight Contract improvements.📌 Veronica Torras discussed the BaaS landscape at a MITA meeting in Malta. Ardor is the first and currently only working Full Blockchain-as-a-Service platform running in production.📌 Ardor Lite Version 2.0.2 Released.📌 New WalletNxt Version Released.📌 Adedayo Adebajo will be speaking at the first West African Cybersecurity & Blockchain Technology Conference in Lagos, Nigeria, on November 10.📌 Jelurida attends Asia Blockchain Week in Singapore, on November 27 - December 1.📌 Ardorgate's banking partner Mister Tango announced that due to contract cancellation with their current payment card provider, Mistertango payment cards are de-activated and no longer working from November 1, 2018.📌 Max Property Group has launched the world's first property fund on blockchain, Dominium announced.📌 Lee Gibson Grant announced in ArdorNxt.slack: You can buy CiviX shares at 0.50$ till 31st October. After that they will increase to 0.75 and 15 days later 1$. Anyone that buys on the pre-funding rounds will also recieve DTMI tokens as a reward on top of the shares purchased.