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Happy to share an announcement about a significant MeetUp opportunity for our Korean community to meet Lior Yaffe, the Co-founder and Managing Director of Jelurida and core-developer of Ardor and NXT. Lior will present new updates to the Jelurida roadmap, and look at some of the latest feature additions to the platform, such as Pruning, which eliminates Blockchain Bloat. Please, join us! https://www.meetup.com/Jelurida-R-D-Ardor-Ignis-NXT-blockchain/events/250712228/
An update for the community that Ardor is continuing to expand its international presence over the past week at four major blockchain events worldwide in #Oxford, #London, #Monaco, and #NewYorkCity. Live demonstrations were given, and valuable connections were made! View the full press release: https://www.jelurida.com/ardor-nxt-four-cities-may-2018
Ardor offers a Blockchain as a Service (Baas) that can be implemented by anyone–including firms and companies in the financial sector. Its ability to remove un-needed transactions solves the common issue of scalability, called Blockchain Bloat, and its’ proven history of development with Proof Of Stake make it a strong choice for firms to consider. Thanks to @insidermonkey https://www.insidermonkey.com/blog/blockchain-solutions-for-secure-financial-transactions-616856/
Ardor and Jelurida members attended Blockshow Europe in Berlin May 28th and 29th, taking time to network and meet those in the blockchain community from Europe and beyond. It was a great success, with many solid connections and meetings. Team members of Jelurida and members from the Ardor and Nxt community connected with the worldwide blockchain community exploring use cases for Ardor, Ignis, and Nxt. https://youtu.be/uVhx2-SNwLk
A blockchain lab held on Wall Street in NYC showing an Ardor proof-of-concept demo for a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange (DEX) for Binance.com. Jelurida hopes you will check out the demo by xcubicle.com here: https://bit.ly/2GGV4cI #DEX #ARDR $ARDR https://www.binance.com/
We asked Ardor community members what they wanted to know most about our Lightweight Smart Contracts, and here are some of the top questions and answers regarding this hot Blockchain technology. Take a peek at one of Lior Yaffe’s latest Medium.com articles. https://medium.com/@lyaffe/lightweight-contracts-faq-30273120da9a



Happy to share that Jelurida will be presenting Ardor at the at WEBIT Festival Europe on June 25-27 in Sofia. We will be explaining the many compelling benefits of Ardor and Nxt technology. Looking forward to connecting with enterprises and startups about the power of blockchain and Ardor. https://www.webit.org/festival/2018/security.php
veronica [11:31 PM] After Oxford, London, Berlin, Monaco, Lugano, Hannover, Korea, this week, part of the Jelurida team is giving Ardor workshops in Barcelona and Mataró: Wednesday, June 20th: workshop and breakfast at Tecnocampus, Mataró, for technology companies at their Technology Business Hub. http://agenda.tecnocampus.cat/22491/programme/blockchain_-apren-a-fer-un-smart-contract-a-partir-drun-cas-drus-n-do-it-yourself-workshop.html Thursday, June 21st: workshop in the evening at the Blockchain for Business Meetup, in Barcelona https://www.meetup.com/Blockchain-for-Business-Barcelona/events/251211469/ The workshop includes why id blockchain important for business, the challenges of the industry, and a live / do it yourself smart contract demo where attendees can do their first transactions and build a smart transaction, all with Ardor.
"Ardor is a significant Blockchain-as-a-Service platform that adds a variety of useful features to the blockchain model, and addresses the key issues of scalability and use-case for adoption and integration of its technology into business." Thanks, to ironwood.io for the in depth technical review. https://bit.ly/2xcJZ3x https://ironwood.io/
A new space has been created for us in Discord called Ardor Nxt Community with the hope it will be more identifiable for us and as a new place to start again. Please join us here and invite friends to do the same: https://discord.gg/EnxmDnu

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Is there a chinese group ?


It's an independent blockchain developed from scratch on Java.

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