NXTER MagazineRT @trifficworld: #Triffic chose to implement #Ardor tech for #GPSTokens because team #Jelurida created the platform and help us with every stage of development.If more companies worked with Jelurida instead of trying to ‘roll their own #blockchain’, there would be far fewer abandoned projects. https://t.co/QUApvr7otvtweet
JeluridaRT @ArdorPlatform: IBM, Microsoft Competitor? Ardor Mentioned as Leading Blockchain as a Service Platform on Everest Group Report https://t.co/DZJVwSaqg0tweet
JeluridaOur Weekly Wins are here!#Ardor #Ignis #Nxt #Triffic #blockchainWatch the video thanks to @madfox1234 and read the full update on our website: https://t.co/RlWVLbfqYs https://t.co/IbT6L1A7CStweet
NXTER MagazineRT @NxtCommunity: The weekly updates from our development company @Jelurida! #Nxt $NXT #blockchain #crypto https://t.co/pob6N01B3jOur Weekly Wins are here!#Ardor #Ignis #Nxt #Triffic #blockchainWatch the video thanks to @madfox1234 and read the full update on our website: https://t.co/RlWVLbfqYs https://t.co/IbT6L1A7CS - Jeluridatweet
NXTER MagazineRT @TarascaD: The test will start soon. We will set dates, but in the meantime you can also try it yourself. In a while we will indicate the link to do it. Remember to read the rules, which we have published in a previous tweet (English, Spanish, Portuguese).Thanks, @madfox1234 , 4 the video! https://t.co/roPZstoZcLtweet
JeluridaRT @JeluridaAfrica: Are you looking for a Multichain's Enterprise platform with favorable ease of adoption and strategy? The search can be tedious with several hypes around existing #blockchain platforms. Check out the report by @EverestGroup Choose Jelurida's @ArdorPlatform Choose US! https://t.co/P686IoLzkBEverest Group @EverestGroup has released a new market report focusing on the future of #blockchainThe report cites @Jelurida ’s Ardor blockchain-as-a-service platform @ArdorPlatform, as a network with favorable ease of adoption and strategy. $ARDR #Ardorhttps://t.co/2etrkVVKwz https://t.co/rwM2VLa5k6 - Sazantweet

JeluridaRT @lioryaffe: Next week will be a guest speaker at the #Technion #Israel computer science faculty. Will speak about #Blockchain #PoW #PoS HD wallets and uses of ZKP MPC VDF in this context. Sunday 19.1 13:30 Henry Taub building room #4tweet

JeluridaWe are proud to be included as #Blockchain Visionaries in a new report by the global IT and consulting firm @EverestGroup! Link to the brochure: https://t.co/dvU9wKzRss#Ardor https://t.co/EvHlhuSoJMtweet
JeluridaRT @ArdorPlatform: ibm aws ardor leading new wave enterprise blockchain adoption everest group report: https://t.co/WdwHe1aQAytweet
By cryptofiree 👉 https://www.tradingview.com/chart/ARDRBTC/7CLvFqoT-ARDRBTC/
JeluridaRT @IGNISguide: With #Ignis you have it all: choose from 15+ build-in features or make your own #Lightweight #SmartContract - easily covering the gap between legacy systems and the #blockchain! Discover all about Ignis: https://t.co/v94crjF339#crypto $IGNIS #Ardor https://t.co/gJiBJaiR9Qtweet
NXTER MagazineRT @TarascaD: This is the link to test the #boardgame at @TabletopiaGames . You can use it on your own. In the next few days we will announce a schedule of games to make it easier for beta testers to meet.https://t.co/FfCku5mXD2Enjoy!#Ardor #cardgame #Ignistweet
NXTER MagazineRT @AvdiuSazan: Blockchain To Make Property Prices More Honest"We opted for a #BaaS solution as the child chain solution offered by #Ardor had all the functionality we needed. This eliminates the expensive task of developing your own #blockchain, maintain a node network"https://t.co/upHIpvIJ4Ktweet
NXTER MagazineRT @trifficworld: A quick look at the #Android version of the #Triffic beta - available next week.Next release also improves our beacon placement algorithm so it now accounts for main roads and highways.And of course, testers get to earn #gpstokens before the crowd!https://t.co/t4gzQordF4 https://t.co/bKwh3bY9xWtweet
JeluridaRT @trifficworld: Most #blockchain projects fail due to the expense of creating/maintaining their own custom solutions in-house.Working with #Ardor and the experts of #Jelurida has resulted in much decreased dev costs and also ensured that we can devote our own resources to improving #Triffic. https://t.co/9OZYi9FJZptweet
JeluridaRT @NxtCommunity: Find everything about #Nxt, its history and vision, roadmap and downloads, regular news and much more on our website: https://t.co/MRDu8MaQxt$NXT #blockchain #crypto #ProofOfStake #airdrop https://t.co/nG7OfkRddxtweet
JeluridaRT @trifficworld: Could this be the #Triffic CEO testing out all the new, massively enhanced #AugmentedReality features of next weeks big beta update for #ios and #android devices?Nope - because all you need to use Triffic is a mobile phone!https://t.co/moOyMfSQx8 https://t.co/0OzafxjqhFtweet
JeluridaRT @IGNISguide: #Ignis feature highlights no.1: #Lightweight #SmartContracts - stateless, flexible and secure, designed for ultimate customizability and #dApp creation! Discover all about Ignis: https://t.co/v94crjF339$IGNIS #blockchain #crypto #Ardor https://t.co/46r56oEH1Ytweet
JeluridaRT @ArdorPlatform: Always keep your software up to date! Find easy #Ardor download links for Windows, Linux, Mac or Android, documentation, direct #blockchain database download and more on our website: https://t.co/xur76bcd3C$ARDR #Ignis #blockchain #crypto https://t.co/t8b9yVREkgtweet
JeluridaRT @smartvotingbot: Dear #SmartVoting followers!If you have any voting/poll you would like to submit to the mighty bot, just head to https://t.co/bodf6rRQFR, create a CSV voting session and send me the created CSV file. You can also choose your bot-trigger hashtag. 🙂#ardor #blockchain #evotingtweet
NXTER MagazineRT @AvdiuSazan: Ardor, being #BaaS (blockchain-as-a-service) provider makes available a #blockchain infrastructure for use by institutions and businesses that are looking to create their own chains without having to engage in any form of coding. #Ardor $ARDR #Cryptohttps://t.co/zaSD13e9nttweet
JeluridaRT @IGNISguide: #Ignis feature highlights no.2: #Privacy - we support out of the box advanced privacy mechanisms - coin shuffling and encrypted messages. Discover all about Ignis: https://t.co/v94crjF339 #blockchain #crypto #Ardor $IGNIS https://t.co/qyCSl9zJ7wtweet
NXTER MagazineRT @Jelurida_Korea: Head of @Jelurida Korea, Cheoleung Kim was selected as one of 2020 Korea Blockchain Innovation Leader 30 People.Thank you Blockchain Times!!We will continue to devote ourselves to 2020 for mass adoption of blockchain.https://t.co/nitmbWcZBatweet
JeluridaRT @jrgros: Take a closer look at @Jelurida’s projects. Look deep into $Nxt, $Ardr, and $Ignis. https://t.co/xmvwQXSXpItweet
JeluridaRT @Jelurida_Korea: https://t.co/xnTqnygXGQtweet
NXTER MagazineRT @lioryaffe: My next strategic project is to implement a software based Bip32 HD Wallet for the #Ardor #Blockchain. This cool feature lets users derive all account addresses from a single seed. Creating a passphrase per account is no longer required. Making great progress all tests are Green. https://t.co/EAX4WsFSmItweet
NXTER MagazineRT @BitswiftC: #Bitswift #Community #Updates released every month on the 15th. Catch up on the latest developments over @ https://t.co/rZUumSk5UAtweet
NXTER MagazineRT @ArdorPlatform: How #Ardor addresses the problems in front of the mainstream and business adoption of #blockchain technology will be the topic of the upcoming Blockchain for business meetup in Lugano on Feb 6, register here: https://t.co/CsUnAklyEZ https://t.co/LBq7sEpkfGtweet
NXTER MagazineRT @coalculus: Introducing Coal Lite Wallet: A simple and convenient way to access the Coalculus blockchain. Coal Lite now available on Google Play!🤳🤳🤳 https://t.co/mSSi06AIxw https://t.co/5mgC7HJkoxtweet

http://t.me/ardor_world_botUse ardor_world_bot personally.Check balance and check rates Nxt, Ardor, Ignis, MPG, BTC, LTC, ETH, EOS, XRP, BCH, TRX, ETC.

JeluridaRT @CryptoPlayersIn: NXT coin’s value during its ICO in 2013 was just $0.0000168. In Dec 23, 2017 it went all time high of $2.17, generating astronomical profits for its early investors and making it the most profitable ICO token ever at today’s market valuations.#bitcoin #eth #nxt #crypto https://t.co/4ba4vn0vgAtweet
JeluridaRT @_CryptoDude_: https://t.co/u8rTRppAR0Nice, simple break down as to why $ardor #statelesscontracts are the future. Anyone whos serious about getin a #dapp out there as cheap / fast as possible needs to be lookin at #ardor and #ignis $ignis#DASH #bitcoin #monero #komodo #ethereum #Cardanotweet
JeluridaRT @JeluridaAfrica: The ability of a new technology to prevail with time lies not in its ability to solve the present day need only but in its future applicability. In the report by @EverestGroup , @ArdorPlatform was ranked as Visionaries. Solution for today and tomorrow.https://t.co/0l0WlLzpYe https://t.co/rMlQdGl3citweet
JeluridaRT @wire_master: Have you see #smartvoting in action while creating a #voting session on the #ardor testnet #Blockchain?This is a 10k voters session (3 trx x voter makes it 30k transactions). And the Ardor Blockchain seems pretty relaxed.My mini VPS is NOT that relaxed... 😜#ignis #evoting https://t.co/y1p2qYmCIztweet
JeluridaRT @alexpfeiffer: Call for Participation: #Media #Arts & #Design | #Blockchain #Conference 2020, Westphal College of Media Arts and Design, #Drexel University; supported by The Education Arcade @ MIT and the LIVE LAB @ Texas A&M: May 2-3, 2020#btc #ltc #eth #nxt #ardrhttps://t.co/fDW3ZhbNqOtweet
JeluridaRT @AvdiuSazan: Best Cryptocurrencies for Long Term Investment in 2020$ARDR is the altcoin that you need to keep tabs on because the project has the potential to serve millions of companies around the world.https://t.co/4fYGiaIZRe #Ardor #cryptocurrencies #blockchain https://t.co/zaWk3QiOw9tweet
JeluridaRT @AvdiuSazan: Everest Group Explores 12 Platforms in Its Enterprise Blockchain Readiness ReportThe report cites @Jelurida #Ardor blockchain-as-a-service platform, alongside Multichain’s Enterprise, as two technologies with favorable ease of adoption and strategy. $ARDRhttps://t.co/W8QRkqjr4ltweet
JeluridaOur Weekly Wins are here!#Ardor #Ignis #Nxt #blockchain #cryptoWatch the video thanks to @madfox1234 and read the full update on our website: https://t.co/dIs0iCYsM6 https://t.co/gRM1s0CnLQtweet
JeluridaRT @IGNISguide: $IGNIS is now available at @p2pb2b #cryptocurrency exchange! #Ignis #btc https://t.co/BzokC9qeCmIgnis has been listed on P2PB2B🔸Trading pairs: Ignis/BTC🔸Enjoy your trading: https://t.co/ecpPFk6U62 @IGNISguide supports out-of-the-box advanced privacy mechanisms including coin shuffling, and encrypted messages which can be shared securely with third parties. https://t.co/Z5gFWK5AFn - P2PB2B Exchangetweet
NXTER MagazineRT @p2pb2b: Ignis has been listed on P2PB2B🔸Trading pairs: Ignis/BTC🔸Enjoy your trading: https://t.co/ecpPFk6U62 @IGNISguide supports out-of-the-box advanced privacy mechanisms including coin shuffling, and encrypted messages which can be shared securely with third parties. https://t.co/Z5gFWK5AFntweet
JeluridaRT @trifficworld: Look how simple it will be to securely bind an #Ardor wallet to a #Triffic account, and easily claim #GPSTokens from last summers #Ignis #airdrop.Our new beta, complete with brand new interface and enhanced #AugmentedReality drops this week.https://t.co/moOyMfSQx8 https://t.co/BIYBdXCxwYtweet
NXTER MagazineRT @JeluridaAfrica: A #decentralized system for land registration records could reduce the number of intermediaries required, increase trust in identity of transacting parties, increase process efficiencies, and decrease time and cost to process.Read More: https://t.co/ehL1za6cG0#Blockchain https://t.co/XM6SdfvNcctweet

NXTER MagazineRT @BitswiftC: When systems are obsolete they don't get upgraded, they get replaced.tweet

NXTER MagazineRT @TarascaD: The first public game to test our #boardgame will be this afternoon, at 19:00 CET. We will publish the link a few minutes before. There are eight seats. Remember to read the Rules before playing!#betatesters #cardgame #mythology #Ardor #deckbuilding https://t.co/DIviVBni17tweet
[email protected] from #Jelurida is on site at the European #Blockchain Convention in Barcelona! https://t.co/warDmSndxi#Ardor #Ignis #Nxt #EBCBCN https://t.co/Qz08UD9wdEtweet
NXTER MagazineRT @veronicatorras: I wrote an article with valuable #insights from IoT and Blockchain experts talking about use cases and the state of the technology and the sector. Companies working on it include @ChainGOTech @thethingsIO @Jelurida @EITUrbanMob @Barbara_Iot5-min read: https://t.co/D7U7hohN3S https://t.co/ibJc50sHpVtweet