NXTER MagazineRT @Ardorgate: #Nxt vs $ALGO #algorand debate: evidence is on table, right in front of your eyes: https://t.co/nMXbHHr4a2 In our earth, 2013 is earlier than 2017. https://t.co/cNTLVYDJWztweet
NXTER MagazineOh boy. @algorand subreddit is one thing. But is #reddit #cryptocurrency also supporting the rewrite of #Nxt #blockchain history now? https://t.co/7IvNWx8RUYhttps://t.co/K5q0vFvOig https://t.co/l1lGYx6slG https://t.co/lqu05eIwPb#NXT, the foundation of #Ardor and first pure #proofofstake crypto.https://t.co/nt51T2GDrI - TheWireMastertweet

NXTER MagazineRT @chepurnoy: @HeyTaiZen @Algorand @leoncfu @NxtCommunity Before Algorand, it was DemoCoin, a paper design released in early 2015. Nxt was launched in late 2013 and was first pure PoS coin indeed. Very similar design was described on BCT in 2012 by a previous incarnation of BCNext/CFB.tweet

NXTER MagazineRT @sigbroapp: Pop Quiz, $ALGO $ARDR $BTC1) What year was the first 100% #ProofOfStake #blockchain launched?2) Name of the 1st 100% #PoS #altcoin.3) Optionally add your #Nxt/#Ardor accountRS. You'll be rewarded for not being fake.Truth first. Details come. #sigbro #sigbroapp #cryptotweet

NXTER MagazineRT @farl: @Cointelegraph @AvdiuSazan Nxt was the first 100% Proof-of-Stake blockchain. I would know, because I was there too.tweet

NXTER MagazineWHO is @algorand?I'd like to learn about your algo and vision but why you fake pioneering #blockchain PoS? It makes me lose interest.#crypto history can't be tampered with.Scroll down https://t.co/KM8TealaLktweet

JeluridaRT @lioryaffe: 2/The #Nxt weaknesses newer #PoS algorithms are trying to "fix" are mostly theoretical. However in the name of fixing them, newer algorithms suffer from over complexity that renders their operations almost impossible to verify and opens an untold number of real attack vectors.tweet

JeluridaRT @lioryaffe: 1/The main advantage of the #Nxt #Blockchain consensus algorithm, on which #Ardor is based, is its simplicity. Simplicity is very important to make sure the implementation has no bugs and backdoors. And indeed Nxt has been running for over six years without problems.tweet