NXTER MagazineRT @MrV_777: Increases in crypto value has made the #Ardor Community Hackathon prize pool now over $18,000!Developers and Designers are welcome to make unlimited submissions until August 15th. Show off what you can do & get paid for it with 11 possible prizes valued from $200+ to $9000+tweet

NXTER MagazineRT @ZarkMuckerbarn: It's coming. The #Triffic Referral System. Bonus #GPS for verified signup, residual $GPS from your referrals for Moving About. 👍 https://t.co/ntJHoDYsOTtweet
NXTER MagazineCollect beautiful cards, trade them, get dividends.Here's what a #decentralized org for #games and arts look like on #Ardor #blockchain. Meet the @TarascaD >https://t.co/qtzu5DbjNi https://t.co/hETMUcxWcDtweet
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NXTER MagazineRT @chaintalktv: 🥳PoS Blockchain Expo is published on @TheNewsDotAsia right now! Join us with @Dashpay @LiskHQ @AlgoFoundation @Jelurida @lioryaffe @RTaylor05 Iker Alustiza @AlgoSeanLee @albefero🔥https://t.co/x2zsHBAECd#dash #lisk #jeluridaswiss #algo #chaintalk #pos #BTC https://t.co/HS3kkj5MCMtweet
JeluridaOur Weekly Wins are here!#Ardor #Ignis #Nxt #blockchain #cryptoWatch the video thanks to @madfox1234 and read the full update on our website: https://t.co/xicZAN8Z5b https://t.co/bvowzjqYWFtweet
NXTER MagazineRT @AbdCseries: It gives us great pleasure to announce our strategic partnership with @Jelurida the Swiss conglomerate blockchain software company that develops and maintains the @NxtCommunity and @ArdorPlatform #Blockchains. #Ardor will be one of the platforms to be used during the 3-month camp https://t.co/ZsCShhta9jtweet

JeluridaThe #Ardor 2.3.2 release is scheduled for Tuesday, August 11, 2020 - this will be a mandatory upgrade for all mainnet nodes. Upgrade must be completed before the #blockchain planned hardfork block scheduled for September 22, 2020tweet

Jelurida#ProofOfStake presentations from Jelurida experts at @chaintalktv Blockchain Expo are now available, register & watch!🔉 @lioryaffe - " #Nxt and #Ardor pure PoS blockchains" 👉https://t.co/yuAomg374p🔉 @albefero - "Proof of Stake vs Proof of Liquidity" 👉https://t.co/8JKDEWqQZ8 https://t.co/5lgjOuSRQFtweet

NXTER MagazineRT @smartvotingbot: The bot is back! 🤖🤖🤖Here a couple of questions about #Bitcoin, #crypto and more.To vote on #blockchain:1-follow me2-tweet #SmartVoting3-follow the link in the DM and cast your vote and audit it anytime by clicking on the same link received or check on the #Ardor client 😉tweet

NXTER MagazineRT @CoinDesk: An unknown hacker gained access to @Ledger's marketing database, stealing a million email addresses as well as personal information belonging to 9,000 customers.From @paddybaker_ https://t.co/we9i3ehHJPtweet
NXTER MagazineMax Crowdfund #RealEstate platform has received approval from the Financial Markets Authority in the Netherlands. Congrat's @MaxCrowdfund $MPG !The long wait and your work with the #Ardor #blockchain will bear fruit.https://t.co/XhHMj5FBUD via @cointelegraphtweet
NXTER MagazineRT @AvdiuSazan: Despite pioneering the concept of Proof of Stake, Peercoin wasn’t a pure PoS #blockchain. The first blockchain to launch with an initial coin balance & run on a pure Proof of Stake consensus from the genesis block was Nxt, which launched in November 2013. https://t.co/MDWsdPzgUDtweet
NXTER MagazineRT @TheCryptoWoman: Have you heard of @BitswiftC - Bitswift Cash? Here is my #cryptocurrency and IRL friend introducing just one exciting aspect of his @Bit_Swift enterprise. (Oh, and now we’re neighbors in @cryptovoxels too) https://t.co/lJggNjuLLztweet
NXTER MagazineRT @MrV_777: New #Ardor #Hackathon Project! ArdorPiJust download, flash to SD card, and startup your #raspberrypi for your own personal Ardor Node with automatic updates.#bitcoin #Ethereum https://t.co/sEJ95HYBmJtweet
NXTER MagazineRT @MrV_777: With the way #cryptocurrencies are going, the 1st place prize will end by being worth $10,000 for the #Ardor Community #Hackathon! 😮💰Join at https://t.co/M8iy5pXGed#Bitcoin #Ethereumtweet
NXTER MagazineRT @MaxCrowdfund: Getting stuck? Help is at hand! https://t.co/Z86KsllFGl https://t.co/RQJYOZRHjgtweet
JeluridaRT @AvdiuSazan: Blockchain technology based #RealEstate crowd funding platform @MaxCrowdfund has received endorsement from the Financial Markets Authority (FMA) of Netherlands. The platform will run on Ardor #blockchain of @Jelurida. https://t.co/RPonIFCRdv #Ardor $ARDR #Crypto #DeFi #fintech https://t.co/iUQAGgINLLtweet

NXTER MagazineRT @albefero: @CryptoWendyO December 2013, my first node of a 100% #PoS was deployed and it was #NXT, hence I am pretty sure it was the first one hundred percent Proof of Stake on mainnettweet

NXTER MagazineRT @lioryaffe: In #Ardor 2.3.2 we added an option to open certain pages directly from the login page. Useful in case you like to make a quick configuration change or check the #blockchain status. You can also set the node admin password once (instead of per account) from this dialog. https://t.co/4fu7jKLat1tweet
NXTER MagazineRT @AvdiuSazan: Charities Warming Up to #Cryptohttps://t.co/lqsXGoGXha, a privacy-focused donation platform developed on the #Ardor blockchain, launched earlier this month by Better Business Bureau (BBB), the #charity behind https://t.co/EMMgLHzjs1.https://t.co/rOH9NzTsA6 #blockchain $ARDR https://t.co/HB5SVoHuvStweet
JeluridaOur Weekly Wins are here!#Ardor #Ignis #Nxt #blockchain #cryptoWatch the video thanks to @madfox1234 and read the full update on our website https://t.co/KIlghHXS26tweet
NXTER MagazineRT @MrV_777: Just under 2 weeks left in the #Ardor Community #Hackathon!Still time to make a project and get a submission in for a chance at over $18,000 in #cryptocurrency prizes!#Ethereum #Bitcoin https://t.co/KiYDLRNHuktweet