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Ardor.World - News digest 25.11.18📌 A SNAPSHOT of DOM balances will be taken on November 12.📌 Another property bond has been launched on Dominium.📌 This week a new project was announced. MOBS is a social mobile app, with which users can get together in groups (mobs), create videos together, and - if they choose to - stick their final creation up on a searchable marketplace in order to monetize their creations.📌 The snapshot of NXT balances is close. If you hold NXT on 17/11, then 0.4 RYA + 0.4 TRUST per 1 NXT will be reserved and hit your wallet address when the Rya team launches the modified clone.📌 The XendBit ICO pre-sale will start on December 1st, and the whitelist is open for registration at📌 Veronica and Alberto Fernandez paid a visit to ISDI. A "worldwide leader in digital education, helping professionals, entrepreneurs, enterprises, and institutions to close the competitive gap to the digital era".📌 Adedayo Adebajo spoke at the KWASU Campus Blockchain Hackathon, the second in a series of blockchain hackathons which take place on five African universities.📌 A new Ardor Updates video has been uploaded to Jelurida's Ardor Platform Youtube channel last week.📌 Eric Funk is back with another Ardor course on Udemy! This time about the Lightweight Contracts system, and how to use it.📌 TOKOK disabled NXT during the snapshot of NXT balances for the RYA airdrop. NXT trading, deposits and withdrawals have been re-enabled on November 19, 2018, 11:30 (UTC+8).📌 The Bitswift team airdrops CASH, BITS, and the scrypt-based CDN digital currency as part of their community-driven basic income experiment, which takes place on an Ardor child chain.📌 The Rya team has published a second open letter to the community, "An Economic Overview of RYA".📌 Happy Birthday $NXT #cryptocurrency! 👉
Ardor Nxt GroupRT @TheCryptoWoman: Your mother is using an #alias. It's more common than you think 😉A #blockchain alias can represent your #cryptocurrency account on $NXT and $IGNIS and #Ardor platform.
Ardor one of the first projects listed by ICEIntercontinental Exchange (ICE), the parent company of the New York Stock Exchange, announced they have added just 58 digital currencies to their cryptocurrency data feed – and Ardor was at the top of the list.Multi-signature accounts just got easierFeatures don’t matter if they have no real world value. On the Ardor platform, the composite phased transactions are one of the most under-utilized functions. A new guide on the Ardor Learning Hub makes the feature real with an example of how to emulate a multi-signature account on child chains.Jelurida to sponsor NYC meetup on April 17thJelurida will be sponsoring the first NYC event by the Blockchain for Business – Philadelphia and New York meetup group on April 17th at The Brooklyneer in Manhattan. The event will begin just after the IMN Synchronize DLT for Financial Institutions Conference. Attendees will participate in an overview of blockchain as a service technologies and use cases, followed by Q&A and networking sessions.Ardor at Grupo Planeta Innovation WorkshopGrupo Planeta invited Jelurida’s Veronica Torras to their recent Innovation Workshop to provide an introduction to blockchain technologies. The event was an excellent opportunity to show off some of Ardor’s unmatched functionalities that make it an ideal solution for businesses.ICYMI: Product Roadmaps UpdatedLast week, Jelurida released updated product roadmaps for Ardor, Ignis, and Nxt. For those interested in a more visual roadmap, community member Madfox put together a nice video.

Ignis listed on ProBit exchangeIt continues to get easier for new users to trade Ignis. A new South Korean cryptocurrency exchange called ProBit went live this week with Ignis amongst the first currencies available for trading. Once you are done making your trades, as always, it is highly recommended to store your funds in your own wallet outside of the exchange – or go all out and set up your own forging node.Ardor joins Ahmadu Bello University Developers for a blockchain hackathonJelurida remains committed to empowering entrepreneurs and businesses across Africa to engage in the rapidly evolving blockchain space. The team is excited to have sponsored the Campus Blockchain Hackathon at Ahmadu Bello University on March 28-29th. Several more meetups are planned in Nigeria in the coming weeks, including on April 4-5.New Korean Landing Page for Ardor, Ignis, and Nxt is LiveSince partnering with Creatip in January, there has been a noticeable uptick in interest in Ardor, Ignis, and Nxt across South Korean markets. In an effort to leverage this momentum and provide a more friendly gateway to the ecosystem, a Korean landing page for Ardor, Ignis, and Nxt is now available.

Jelurida’s Weekly Wins - April 5, 2019Coinfest Nigeria awards Jelurida for its continuous support of blockchain initiatives in AfricaThere are many blockchain projects publicly touting their intentions of supporting the development of a thriving blockchain ecosystem across Africa. Adedayo Adebajo has been Jelurida's point person on the ground in Nigeria and after an incredibly successful hackathon at the Ahmadu Bello University in Zaria, Nigeria (the full report is covered by Nxter Magazine), his efforts were recognized by the Coinfest community with Jelurida receiving an award for “Africa's Best Blockchain Friendly Company”.Ardor Platform mapped in ITU DLT Standardization Focus Group's Working Group 3The International Telecommunication Union (ITU) began a Focus Group on DLT Standardization between 2016 and 2017. The group is set to issue its initial reports and recommendations before the end of 2019 and, after several months of fine tuning the technical architecture for mapping DLT platforms, Ardor platform's architecture is set to be included in the reports appendix.Lead Software Architect Tomi Gountchev cracks John McAfee backed Apollo Project's “Privacy” Feature in < 24 hours.Apollo - Nxt clone and a project backed by John McAfee, claims to provide “Ultimate Privacy” for its users. In connection with this, Bitfi (hardware wallet provider also supported by John McAfee) presented a challenge to find out if the privacy feature works. The challenge, and another one, were both solved by Jelurida's software architect shortly after, and the faults of Apollo's privacy features were explained in details.It turns out that the only properly working privacy functionality that Apollo's code has, is the good old Nxt shuffling - a fully decentralized privacy tool pioneered by Nxt more than four years ago and copied together with more than 15 other well tested features by Apollo when their clone was launched.Jelurida Key Notes THE CUBE Madrid with panel including IBM, UST Global, Liberbank, ISDI Business School, and moreUse cases leveraging the blockchain can only become a reality if everyone understands the limitations of existing attempts to implement the technology. Following an introduction of the ITU DLT Focus Group's work on use case analysis, Jelurida's Lior Yaffe gave a keynote speech on three promising cryptographic techniques that could significantly expand the privacy capabilities of public blockchain networks. These two presentations were followed by a panel discussion on the state of enterprise use cases with IBM, UST Global, Liberbank, ISDI Business School, and Demetrius Consulting.Java devs in Madrid packed eDreams Offices for a Java Smart Contract seminar with Lior YaffeSpain recently ranked as one of the top countries in Europe for entrepreneurs and tech startups – making it the perfect location for engaging serious Java developers in creating blockchain solutions with real utility. More than 20 Java devs showed up for one-hour seminar on smart contracts in Java with Lior Yaffe at the eDreams Offices in Madrid. The event ran overtime by a full hour, with attendees asking advanced questions on the feature's capabilities. Videos from the meetups are coming soon!Ignis is now listed at Bilaxy ExchangeIgnis has been listed on Bilaxy. Available trading pairs are IGNIS/BTC and IGNIS/ETH.

Weekly Wins - May 17, 2019Ardor's Successful NYC Blockchain WeekThe Ardor platform was represented at numerous NYC Blockchain Week events this week including Consensus 2019, the launch of the NYC Economic Development Corporation's BigApps Blockchain 2019 Challenge, and the NYC Blockchain Center's "All Things Blockchain" event. Additionally, Skylar Hurwitz organized a sold-out meetup on Wall Street focused on building consumer confidence in blockchain technologies. Some of Ardor's use-centric features like transaction vouchers and Shamir secret sharing paper wallets were demonstrated.Jelurida announces new meetups in Spain on May 28 and 29Lior Yaffe will be heading back to Spain to join up with the team there for a series of events during the week of May 27th. This week, two new events were announced. First, there is the Advanced Cryptography in Blockchain event on May 28th hosted by Bcombinator. Then, Lior will give a key note speech on Ardor and Nxt during the Barcelona Bitcoin Community event on May 29th.Relevance of "stateful" and "stateless" smart contracts gains international attentionBlockchain based smart contracts have been a buzz term for several years, but few people understand the important differences in how contracts store and access data. Now, the terms stateful contract, stateless contract, stateful contract execution, and stateless contract execution have all been defined by Working Group 1 of the International Telecommunication Union's (ITU) Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) Focus Group.Jelurida Africa readies for Ardor demo and panel participation on May 24thA thorough demonstration of Ardor's features will be led by Adedayo Adebajo on May 24th in Lagos. Shortly after that, he will also participate in a panel discussion on "The Future of Money and Decentralized Finance in Africa".COIN360 updated their information on ArdorAs further indication of the success of the Resource Roundup initiative, COIN360 have updated their information on the Ardor project.Blockchain in Media event in Barcelona on May 14As a precursor to the Blockchain in Media event scheduled for May 28th, Veronica Torras led a meetup this past Tuesday, May 14th to give the Barcelona Blockchain for Business community a primer on blockchain technology in media. Anyone in Barcelona interested in learning about this use case should consider RSVPing for the next event.

Jelurida's Weekly Wins - June 28, 2019New partnership with EU-funded BlockchersJelurida announced a new partnership with Blockchers, an EU-funded project investing in bringing distributed ledger technology (DLT) use cases to small and medium size enterprises. 12 out of the 70 initial applicants will receive 50,000 euros of equity free financing to make their use cases a reality - and Jelurida will be supporting Blockchers projects along the way with technology advice and consultations. Read the full announcement.Team takes the stage at FinTech Junction Tel AvivLior, Veronica, and Alberto were in Tel Aviv this week headlining the FinTech Junction conference. The team received substantial stage time. Alberto participated in an open banking panel, while Lior participated in a regulatory panel and provided the key note address for the conference.Demo of a stateless lightweight smart contract interfacing with Twitter from recent Bitcoin Meetup Barcelona event available now on youtubeWhat if your blockchain smart contracts could interface with Twitter? Watch the video of Lior's recent workshop with the Bitcoin Meetup Barcelona group where he introduced the Ardor platform and provided a hands on demo of a stateless lightweight smart contract interfacing with Twitter, a non-DLT system.Jelurida heads to Crypto Valley Conference 2019Since establishing headquarters in Lugano, Jelurida has been working to increase its reputation across Switzerland. After the recent partnership with Wise MPay resulted in exposure from the Swiss Global Enterprise, Kristina, Tomi, and Rafael went to the Crypto Valley Conference 2019 in Zug to continue networking with the thriving ecosystem of blockchain companies who have made Switzerland their home.Jelurida Africa attends the 7th annual Digital Africa conference in AbujaJust days after getting the physical Jelurida Africa office set up in Nigeria, Adedayo went to Abuja to participate in the 7th annual Digital Africa conference. As always, his positive attitude was an inspiration to other attendees and many new connections were made.

Jelurida's Weekly Wins - July 05, 2019iCommunity Labs to leverage Ardor technologyiCommunity Labs, a Spanish-based software consultancy, have signed a cooperation agreement with Jelurida to develop blockchain solutions for various industry verticals by leveraging Ardor's technology. The two organizations are currently engaged in ideation workshops, with plans for building out prototypes and production ready applications in the coming months.Nxt blockchain prepares new features for launchThere has been significant progress in bringing new features to Nxt as promised in the 2019 roadmap. Users will soon be able to assign asset properties, increase the quantity of assets, and perform dividend payments on different assets and monetary supplies.More teasers of the new website now availableProgress on the new Jelurida website continues to move full steam ahead. Teaser screenshots were shared on twitter to give the community a sneak-peek at the forthcoming design overhaul. As the project nears completion, the focus is shifting toward finalizing written web content.Jelurida Africa to co-host meetup on July 6Jelurida Africa continues to build its relationship with the Blockchain Nigeria User Group. The organizations are partnering to host an "Unchained Blockchain" meetup in Lekki, Lagos on July 6th.Block height of the Ignis snapshot for participating in the GPS airdrop to be announced July 8On Monday July 8th, Coinerz Group, the firm behind the forthcoming Triffic application which has branded itself as the "Pokemon Go of loyalty points," will be announcing the precise block height of the snapshot of Ignis accounts scheduled for July 14, 2019. Users who register their Ardor address in the Triffic application will be able to claim 1 GPS token for every 5 IGNIS tokens based on account balances at the time of the snapshot. For more details, check out the official website.Jelurida selected as one of five to compete for “most promising blockchain company” on July 10-11 at the Barcelona Trading ConferenceJelurida is proud to be one of just five organizations selected by Finance Magnates and Finnovating to compete for the title of "most promising blockchain company" at the Barcelona Trading Conference on July 10-11. The winner will receive a mentorship supervised by Finnovating Founder Jesús Pérez Sánchez, as well as flex seat access at the new Crypto Plaza coworking center in Madrid. The session takes place on July 10 in the Main Speaker Hall at 16:00. Lists Ardor (ARDR), the pioneering payments and cryptocurrency platform, announced today that it has listed Ardor (ARDR) to its App. Ardor (ARDR) joins a growing list of 40+ cryptocurrencies and stablecoins on the platform, such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ether (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), XRP, TrueUSD (TUSD), PAXOS (PAX), and its own MCO and CRO Tokens.

Jelurida's Weekly Wins - Aug 02, 2019Jelurida closes a successful week at the International Telecommunication Union (ITU)It has been more than 7 months since Skylar first began contributing to the ITU's Focus Group on Distributed Ledger Technology and this week, the group's final meetings were held on the UN campuses in Geneva. A DLT Workshop on Scalability and Interoperability occurred at the close of the meetings. Right after the blockchain lead at Banco Santander and the Ethereum Enterprise Alliance discussed the lack of interoperability within and across blockchain protocols, Francisco showed attendees the live intra-operability of child chains and tokens launched within the Ardor platform. Alberto then provided an explanation of Ardor's inter-chain interoperability capabilities and demonstrated a test atomic swap with the Interledger Protocol (ILP) using the available portion of the Hyperledger Quilt stack. Video of the event was live streamed and will likely be made available in the coming weeks.Ardor noted in new blockchain market report for the Insurance industryOnce again, Ardor was noted alongside IBM, Oracle, Swisscom, and others by market researchers in a recent report for executives and industry leaders in Insurance. The full report titled, "Blockchain in Insurance Market by Type, Stage, End-User" is available for purchase.Team building event in Lugano this weekendWith the ITU events coming to an end, Jelurida is regrouping in Lugano over the coming days for team building and strategic discussions.Ledger integration for Ardor, Nxt, and Ignis expected in Q4 2019There have been many teasers of the forthcoming Ardor, Nxt, and Ignis integration with Ledger hardware wallets - now, a release date is expected in Q4 2019. Only a few minor steps remain before existing Ledger users have access to Jelurida's suite of products on their devices.July newsletter was delivered with exciting news including a call for Ardor and Nxt gaming papers, listing for ARDR, and moreJelurida's newsletters have been going out regularly the past few months. If you missed the July newsletter, you can read it online and subscribe to receive future news directly in your email inbox.

CryptoDale The Crypto Street Podcast joins The CryptoWoman to talk about the Crypto Street Fantasy Football League and the simultaneous Crypto League of chosen Altcoins. He explains why he chose Ardor as his second draft pick.The Ardor Community will be sponsoring CryptoDale in these crypto adventures.
Dear CoinEx Users:To provide a wider selection of crypto trading options for CoinEx users, we have decided, after rigorous listing reviews, to list Ardor (ARDR) on CoinEx.ARDR Services1. Deposit opens at: 8:00 Sep 3, 2019 (UTC)2. Withdrawal opens at: 8:00 Sep 3, 2019 (UTC)3. Tradable at: 8:00 Sep 4, 2019 (UTC)4. Trading pairs supported: ARDR/BTC, ARDR/BCH CoinEx TeamSep 3, 2019
NXTER MagazineNxt crypto #Memes #Contest! The funniest meme about $Nxt, @Jelurida, will receive 5000 $NXT from @ardor_world! You (we ;)) have until December 15 to post great memes on the #Russian @telegram channel The winner will be determined by voting. #blockchainОбъявляю конкурс мемов о Nxt! кто до 15 декабря 2019 года нарисует больше и смешнее мемов о Nxt, Jelurida, получит от меня лично 5000 NXT! - Sergei Chumaktweet tutorial (no sound) explaining how to install and run Ardor full node on Android, made by zeusPSK, member of the Ardor Korea community 👉 instructions here 👉 media has also echoed about this milestone:
Announcing official launch of Coalculus Platform on January 2 as compliant hybrid #blockchain protocol based on #Ardor technology 🚀 and Ignis snapshot on December 9 with airdrop ratio of 1 COAL token for 1 IGNIS cryptocurrency.
NXTER Magazine#BlackFriday2019: Get the Nxt Snapshot ebook for only $5 worth of $NXT, $IGNIS or $AEUR.Buy it on the Nxt or #Ardor marketplace, p2p #crypto #blockchain shopping since 2014 - see the pic. We generated some #sigbroapp QR codes too, so you can scan and pay securely with @SIGBRO1.
Challenges and excitements in blockchain and crypto spaceInterview with Lior Yaffe (at 20:00 min and 40:10 min)
Look deep into zero knowledge proofs, multiparty computations and more advanced blockchain technology subjects with Lior Yaffe and other industry experts! 👉
Ardor Blockchain Bootcamp on Udemy 👉 | first part of the course discusses Ardor wallets, buying Ardor, and using Ardor. The second part looks in more detail at the advanced functions of the Ardor blockchain, including accessing the TestNet, and using Ardor as a monetary system, voting system, and data cloud, and marketplace.
Triffic, the augmented reality gaming app built on Ardor, is set to donate $10,000 to fight COVID-19Full article: augmented reality gaming app, Triffic, is set to donate $10,000 to the World Health Organization (WHO)....For every item collected, Triffic will donate the token’s value to the WHO COVID-19 Response Fund...
Full analysis on global regulation of blockchain and cryptocurrencies ☝️Interview to Kristina Kalcheva, co-founder, director and legal expert at Jelurida