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HitBTC has just launched an IGNIS/BTC trading pair 👉
Create Token in Nxt Blockchain and NRS v1.12.0e new features
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Ardor full node for Ardor available! 👉 Check all the details of this release and learn about the promotion bounty at tutorial (no sound) explaining how to install and run Ardor full node on Android, made by zeusPSK, member of the Ardor Korea community 👉 instructions here 👉 media has also echoed about this milestone:
Achieving Sustaniable Development Goals is easy when you pick the right technology! See the advantages of Nxt/Ardor's PoS algorithm in comparison with PoW (with English subtitles) 👉 👉 👉
1440 IGNIS are coming on the 10th of November to everybody who participated in this promotion! 👉 | 👉
Weekly Wins | 4th of November, 2019 👉
Nxt and Ardor recently listed on the BITEEU exchange 👉
NXTER.ORGSetting up a DAO with Tarasca (I)In a previous article we detailed the general tools offered by Ardor to build Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAO) on its platform. In this article we offer the first general ideas of its implementation in our specific case. 1. General structure of Tarasca DAO Let’s think of Tarasca as a conventional company, which owns its assets ... Read more - Setting up a DAO with Tarasca (I)The post Setting up a DAO with Tarasca (I) appeared first on NXTER.ORG.
New version Ardor 2.2.6 available 👉
NXTER.ORGReflections on the Creation of a DAO in ArdorThe ownership structure of the Tarasca DAO has already been discussed in the previous article. Once that is set up, the funds are safe and under control by the members of the organization, which is the main objective of a DAO. However, for the organization to be effective it needs more tools and more internal ... Read more - Reflections on the Creation of a DAO in ArdorThe post Reflections on the Creation of a DAO in Ardor appeared first on NXTER.ORG.