Probit exchange lists Bitswift (BITS) 👉
nDex, a new Nxt clone which has airdropped 10% of their coins among Nxt holders 👉 ...Ardor... a customizable blockchain infrastructure based on a parent-child chain structure...
Smart Voting - Blockchain powered e-voting platform - built on Ardor 👉 👉 The Ardor blockchain... is the only blockchain platform with pre-developed rich functionalities such as; dead-man switch, transaction vouchers, lightweight contracts, encrypted messaging system, voting, peer-to-peer marketplace, cloud storage and more, can be powered by the Sun...
Roadmap updated! 👉
New Nxt Peer Explorer! 👉
New Ardor Peer Explorer! 👉
Look deep into zero knowledge proofs, multiparty computations and more advanced blockchain technology subjects with Lior Yaffe and other industry experts! 👉
Weekly Wins 👉 👉 👉
SIGBRO app by Nxter Magazine 👉
New Nxt stable version 1.12.1 has been released! Mandatory update before block 2870000 (expected mid April) Changelog and download links 👉 👉 "Ardor is a blockchain platform predicated on childchains (sidechains) that use proof of stake (PoS) consensus. It uses the primary chain as a security chain and the childchains for processing transactions to increase scalability"
Weekly Wins - 2nd of March, 2020 👉 👉
D.go, an important Korean blockchain-focused youtuber, asks Lior Yaffe about Ardor 👉
HD Wallet in Ardor - Multiple addresses from a single seed - Coming soon 👉
Presentation offered at the Blockchain Spirit event about multi-chain architectures 👉
Weekly Wins - 9th of March, 2020 👉
ProBit Exchange Lists Ardor 👉

The 3rd-party SIGBRO app now allows you to subscribe to Ardor and childchain transactions + forging alerts via email and broadcast OFFLINE blockchain transactions 👉
How the Steem Saga Exposes the Dangers of Staking Pools 👉"DPoS is an unnecessary complicationThere’s already a sound solution that works as good as dPoS. The merits of classical PoS have been proven in the case of long-running PoS blockchains such as Nxt. The added complexity of voting rounds introduced by dPoS does not increase security in any meaningful way and may increase risks of collusion and centralization."
BlockDefi 2020 | Lagos, Nigeria | 29-30 May, 2020 of the event:
Weekly Wins - 16th of March, 2020 👉
The Triffic public beta is now officially open to everybody 👉 More details
dNetdNet - by Mrv777 - allows you to access a decentralized internet on the Ardor blockchain platform using *.ardor URLs.This extension will load HTML/CSS pages stored on Ardor and display them in your browser.Download the extension for Google Chrome - the extension for Firefox -
Ardor Blockchain Bootcamp on Udemy 👉 | first part of the course discusses Ardor wallets, buying Ardor, and using Ardor. The second part looks in more detail at the advanced functions of the Ardor blockchain, including accessing the TestNet, and using Ardor as a monetary system, voting system, and data cloud, and marketplace.