Probit exchange lists Bitswift (BITS) 👉
nDex, a new Nxt clone which has airdropped 10% of their coins among Nxt holders 👉 ...Ardor... a customizable blockchain infrastructure based on a parent-child chain structure...
Smart Voting - Blockchain powered e-voting platform - built on Ardor 👉 👉 The Ardor blockchain... is the only blockchain platform with pre-developed rich functionalities such as; dead-man switch, transaction vouchers, lightweight contracts, encrypted messaging system, voting, peer-to-peer marketplace, cloud storage and more, can be powered by the Sun...
Roadmap updated! 👉
New Nxt Peer Explorer! 👉
New Ardor Peer Explorer! 👉
Look deep into zero knowledge proofs, multiparty computations and more advanced blockchain technology subjects with Lior Yaffe and other industry experts! 👉
Weekly Wins 👉 👉 👉
SIGBRO app by Nxter Magazine 👉
New Nxt stable version 1.12.1 has been released! Mandatory update before block 2870000 (expected mid April) Changelog and download links 👉