NXTER MagazineRT @BitswiftC: #Bitswift #Community #Updates released every month on the 15th. Catch up on the latest developments over @ https://t.co/rZUumSk5UAtweet
NXTER MagazineRT @ArdorPlatform: How #Ardor addresses the problems in front of the mainstream and business adoption of #blockchain technology will be the topic of the upcoming Blockchain for business meetup in Lugano on Feb 6, register here: https://t.co/CsUnAklyEZ https://t.co/LBq7sEpkfGtweet
NXTER MagazineRT @coalculus: Introducing Coal Lite Wallet: A simple and convenient way to access the Coalculus blockchain. Coal Lite now available on Google Play!🤳🤳🤳 https://t.co/mSSi06AIxw https://t.co/5mgC7HJkoxtweet
JeluridaRT @CryptoPlayersIn: NXT coin’s value during its ICO in 2013 was just $0.0000168. In Dec 23, 2017 it went all time high of $2.17, generating astronomical profits for its early investors and making it the most profitable ICO token ever at today’s market valuations.#bitcoin #eth #nxt #crypto https://t.co/4ba4vn0vgAtweet
JeluridaRT @_CryptoDude_: https://t.co/u8rTRppAR0Nice, simple break down as to why $ardor #statelesscontracts are the future. Anyone whos serious about getin a #dapp out there as cheap / fast as possible needs to be lookin at #ardor and #ignis $ignis#DASH #bitcoin #monero #komodo #ethereum #Cardanotweet
JeluridaRT @JeluridaAfrica: The ability of a new technology to prevail with time lies not in its ability to solve the present day need only but in its future applicability. In the report by @EverestGroup , @ArdorPlatform was ranked as Visionaries. Solution for today and tomorrow.https://t.co/0l0WlLzpYe https://t.co/rMlQdGl3citweet
JeluridaRT @wire_master: Have you see #smartvoting in action while creating a #voting session on the #ardor testnet #Blockchain?This is a 10k voters session (3 trx x voter makes it 30k transactions). And the Ardor Blockchain seems pretty relaxed.My mini VPS is NOT that relaxed... 😜#ignis #evoting https://t.co/y1p2qYmCIztweet
JeluridaRT @alexpfeiffer: Call for Participation: #Media #Arts & #Design | #Blockchain #Conference 2020, Westphal College of Media Arts and Design, #Drexel University; supported by The Education Arcade @ MIT and the LIVE LAB @ Texas A&M: May 2-3, 2020#btc #ltc #eth #nxt #ardrhttps://t.co/fDW3ZhbNqOtweet
JeluridaRT @AvdiuSazan: Best Cryptocurrencies for Long Term Investment in 2020$ARDR is the altcoin that you need to keep tabs on because the project has the potential to serve millions of companies around the world.https://t.co/4fYGiaIZRe #Ardor #cryptocurrencies #blockchain https://t.co/zaWk3QiOw9tweet
JeluridaRT @AvdiuSazan: Everest Group Explores 12 Platforms in Its Enterprise Blockchain Readiness ReportThe report cites @Jelurida #Ardor blockchain-as-a-service platform, alongside Multichain’s Enterprise, as two technologies with favorable ease of adoption and strategy. $ARDRhttps://t.co/W8QRkqjr4ltweet
JeluridaOur Weekly Wins are here!#Ardor #Ignis #Nxt #blockchain #cryptoWatch the video thanks to @madfox1234 and read the full update on our website: https://t.co/dIs0iCYsM6 https://t.co/gRM1s0CnLQtweet
JeluridaRT @IGNISguide: $IGNIS is now available at @p2pb2b #cryptocurrency exchange! #Ignis #btc https://t.co/BzokC9qeCmIgnis has been listed on P2PB2B🔸Trading pairs: Ignis/BTC🔸Enjoy your trading: https://t.co/ecpPFk6U62 @IGNISguide supports out-of-the-box advanced privacy mechanisms including coin shuffling, and encrypted messages which can be shared securely with third parties. https://t.co/Z5gFWK5AFn - P2PB2B Exchangetweet
NXTER MagazineRT @p2pb2b: Ignis has been listed on P2PB2B🔸Trading pairs: Ignis/BTC🔸Enjoy your trading: https://t.co/ecpPFk6U62 @IGNISguide supports out-of-the-box advanced privacy mechanisms including coin shuffling, and encrypted messages which can be shared securely with third parties. https://t.co/Z5gFWK5AFntweet
JeluridaRT @trifficworld: Look how simple it will be to securely bind an #Ardor wallet to a #Triffic account, and easily claim #GPSTokens from last summers #Ignis #airdrop.Our new beta, complete with brand new interface and enhanced #AugmentedReality drops this week.https://t.co/moOyMfSQx8 https://t.co/BIYBdXCxwYtweet
NXTER MagazineRT @JeluridaAfrica: A #decentralized system for land registration records could reduce the number of intermediaries required, increase trust in identity of transacting parties, increase process efficiencies, and decrease time and cost to process.Read More: https://t.co/ehL1za6cG0#Blockchain https://t.co/XM6SdfvNcctweet

NXTER MagazineRT @BitswiftC: When systems are obsolete they don't get upgraded, they get replaced.tweet

NXTER MagazineRT @TarascaD: The first public game to test our #boardgame will be this afternoon, at 19:00 CET. We will publish the link a few minutes before. There are eight seats. Remember to read the Rules before playing!#betatesters #cardgame #mythology #Ardor #deckbuilding https://t.co/DIviVBni17tweet
[email protected] from #Jelurida is on site at the European #Blockchain Convention in Barcelona! https://t.co/warDmSndxi#Ardor #Ignis #Nxt #EBCBCN https://t.co/Qz08UD9wdEtweet

NXTER MagazineRT @veronicatorras: I wrote an article with valuable #insights from IoT and Blockchain experts talking about use cases and the state of the technology and the sector. Companies working on it include @ChainGOTech @thethingsIO @Jelurida @EITUrbanMob @Barbara_Iot5-min read: https://t.co/D7U7hohN3S https://t.co/ibJc50sHpVtweet

JeluridaRT @IGNISguide: What is Ignis Blockchain? Meet Ardor’s First Child Chain - its history, features and purpose: https://t.co/ryAPU5Y9Us via @iHodl_com_entweet

NXTER MagazineRT @BitswiftC: Who wants to see #Bitswift #tokens on @ProBit_Exchange #Korea? If we get enough re-tweet and likes, we will make it so. ✌️😁tweet

Nxter_españolRT @Tarasca16: A primeira data para provar o nosso #xogodemesa em @Tabletopia é hoje às sete da tarde. Uns minutos antes publicaremos aqui o enlace para participar. Hai somente 8 praças! https://t.co/5vb8UUfyNAtweet
JeluridaRT @TarascaD: Remember that you can test our game at any time. You can do it on your own, alone, to learn to manipulate the cards and familiarize yourself with the game; you can play with a friend; and you can also play with us (send a DM).This is the link to play:https://t.co/FfCku5mXD2 https://t.co/uJB4j1ZHGntweet
JeluridaRT @ArdorPlatform: Get out and about with the #Triffic App on your phone and watch your token balance grow as you go. @trifficworld is a cool dApp you probably missed out and you shouldn't #Ardor $GPS https://t.co/X0f3oG2aXl via @thebitcoinnewstweet
JeluridaRT @AvdiuSazan: Five Crypto Projects to Keep an Eye on in 2020by @CoinCodex"Ardor is aiming at enterprises. Its Ignis public chain provides a modular framework for businesses seeking low-cost plug and play blockchain services" #Ardor $ARDR $IGNIS https://t.co/3IWjFUVK4Btweet
JeluridaRT @bajodayo: #Ardor is part of the Five amazing projects in the #Crypto space to keep an eye on in 2020. Thanks to the amazing article by @CoinCodex With over 250 APIs integrated, @ArdorPlatform is the best option for businesses seeking #blockchain: read more here: https://t.co/Vn4UvyC7xV https://t.co/ZdXGcrlA9Ltweet
NXTER MagazineRT @trifficworld: Amateur to expert in 2.5 mins!Watch/listen to our new walk-through to see how easy it is to earn #GPSTokens that can be exchanged for #Bitcoin, #Ethereum, #Ardor, #Ignis and other #cryptocurrency.https://t.co/zaES278cy3tweet
NXTER MagazineRT @coalculus: It's official! $COAL will land on Indodax in less than 24hours! The distribution of COAL airdrop and opening of the COAL market will be conducted on Friday, January 24, 2020 at 14:00 WIB (UTC + 7). 🌟 https://t.co/JTj0ZbENg4Indodax ingin memberikan pengumuman berkaitan dengan airdrop Coal. Selamat kepada holder Ignis, yang telah mendapatkan Coal.Informasi selengkapnya https://t.co/gEhaln2ldj https://t.co/fKgULikbT6 - Indonesia Digital Asset Exchangetweet
JeluridaRT @ArdorPlatform: ARDOR (ARDR) Facilitates Low-Cost Plug and Play Blockchain with Their Child Chains https://t.co/KpNKHzHl3h via @@thecurrencyAtweet

NXTER MagazineRT @ardor_world: How much price #Lamborghini, #Tesla in $NXT, $ARDR, $IGNIS - https://t.co/8qV7lYSgFR https://t.co/PcE8J23vDTtweet

NXTER MagazineRT @ardor_world: Ardor Forging Top - https://t.co/nKfg9CdKQL#Ardor $ARDR #blockchain $crypto #PoS https://t.co/w45d8dRQBHtweet
NXTER MagazineRT @BitswiftC: What we need is a p2p #market which provides a #platform for buyers and sellers of #products and #services to #connect and utilize #CASH token as the medium of exchange. https://t.co/bPZeSDOmvHtweet
NXTER MagazineRT @JeluridaAfrica: Just START the engine AND DRIVE!With the #Ardor parent chain powering your business, you're driving a full tank. That's how easy it is to deploy and adopt #Blockchaintechnology with @ArdorPlatform ;our pride. Are you ready? Or you want to know more? https://t.co/NDnxM0cmKP https://t.co/I5dPiZoO84Turn Key solutions like low-cost plug and play blockchain services is what individuals and enterprises are comfortable working with. #Ardor (#ARDR) facilitates just that with their Child [email protected] - Sydney Ifergan - (CryptoSyd)tweet
NXTER MagazineRT @p2pb2b: Ardor has been listed on P2PB2B🔸Trading pairs: ARDR/BTC🔸Enjoy your trading: https://t.co/iRkEYlERul @ArdorPlatform goal is to deliver an easy to use and scalable blockchain solution for developers and businesses like yours. https://t.co/0BTn98yXwEtweet
NXTER MagazineRT @MobsVideo: Lots been happening for #MobsVideo -traveling, meeting amazing people & collaborating! Visit us on Linkedin to see where we've been & what we've been up to. Follow our company page! https://t.co/gyhLCvJSDS #ardor #openexo #sdgmoonshots #ExponentialDay #AI #collaborativevideo https://t.co/A2gj1CIMp6tweet
JeluridaOur Weekly Wins are here!#Ardor #Ignis #Nxt #blockchain #cryptoWatch the video thanks to @madfox1234and read the full update on our website: https://t.co/DUolnWuJB0 https://t.co/dDTsegnSVTtweet
NXTER MagazineRT @ardor_world: #Ardor, #Nxt, #Ignis Social News Feed Scanner - https://t.co/k8pmvkWiCr https://t.co/CwrXPdHTxvtweet
NXTER MagazineRT @AvdiuSazan: Beginners Guide to Ignis: Ardor’s Eldest Child ChainIgnis is an essential part of the Ardor platform. It is the main child chain - fully featured and permissionless for everyday transactions with low fees.https://t.co/D4iuwRMEgM $IGNIS $ARDR #Ardor https://t.co/8nVBdf7Wkjtweet
JeluridaRT @blockonomi: Beginners Guide to Ignis: Ardor’s Eldest Child Chainhttps://t.co/[email protected] @IGNISguide #Ignis #Ardor @ArdorGuide https://t.co/txl3QKovmBtweet
JeluridaRT @JeluridaAfrica: #Blockchain as a technology is one to disrupt business models.Understanding its concepts is key in building #innovative and #sustainable businesses.Here's an article written by our MD @bajodayo on how businesses can leverage #blockchaintechnology: https://t.co/511dsnaQk3 https://t.co/zbTMxOyumUtweet
Jelurida"Permissioned blockchain solutions alone cannot unleash the full potential of #blockchain technology" - @lioryaffe quoted on https://t.co/wkPQJhY0d6 https://t.co/eLenpzfzZe via @BTCTNtweet
JeluridaMWC Barcelona is just a month away! Do you wonder how #blockchain technology can add value to your business? Meet our team @fsarrias @veronicatorras and @sbaila at the #MWC2020 and find it out! Book a meeting now 👉 [email protected] #SmartContracts #innovation #digitalization https://t.co/mFhH5uxBO7tweet
JeluridaRT @JeluridaAfrica: We got featured on the #African #Blockchain series at Qrypto Central.Read the full article about us, our products and efforts so far in ensuring massive #blockchaintechnology adoption in #Africa here:https://t.co/6qb5vNI9WVtweet
JeluridaRT @trifficworld: #Triffic have successfully implemented the major upgrade to our Reward Beacon back-end.Featuring:- 700% speed increase- Much lighter footprint- Improved distribution algoIt’s the final hurdle before we release our #iOS and #Android betas!https://t.co/moOyMfSQx8tweet
JeluridaRT @ArdorPlatform: ICYMI: Our second generation market making solution for the #Ardor's #decentralized coin exchange is up and running! It is based on an #Lightweight #SmartContract and provides liquidity for trading of $ARDR to all child chain tokens $IGNIS $BITS $MPG $AEUR https://t.co/dGnEaEEmi2tweet
NXTER MagazineRT @tequaneV: we featured @JeluridaAfrica on the African Blockchain Series at Qrypto Central. take a read guys https://t.co/holpujuR4p#TuesdayMotivationtweet
JeluridaRT @veronicatorras: Enlighting discussions today at the #blockchain and #socialimpact @EUBlockchain workshop about access to bank accounts, supply solutions, energy and environmental initiatives, human rights, voting, democracy, identity. I'd say the future is in our hands! @ArdorPlatform @Jelurida https://t.co/Hd8RsfgEZUtweet

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NXTER MagazineForwards ever! ✊🤯 @ArdorPlatform https://t.co/VoG3eRNEA3Coming very soon - A new exchange and market for #Bitswift #tokens. We have been busy.😎😁 - Bitswift™tweet
NXTER MagazineRT @SwapSpaceCo: [email protected] develops and maintains @NxtCommunity-the first pure #PoS blockchain, @ArdorPlatform built on parent-child architecture, @IGNISguide- the main child chain of the Ardor. Impressive, huh?😎You can exchange $NXT, $ARDR, $IGNIS on https://t.co/RvnIn7WgRs in a few clicks🚀 https://t.co/JRpvnKWOZxtweet