NXTER Magazine RT @AvdiuSazan: #Ardor lightweight contracts are stored on the blockchain but their execution is not part of the blockchain consensus. Their output is normal blockchain transactions. Therefore, they cannot systematically harm the #blockchain itself. #SmartContracts $ARDR tweet

Ardor.World - News digest 30.10.18 🚀 📌 Jelurida announced The Ardor Hackathon challenges - develop Lightweight Contracts and win up to $21.000. 📌 Jelurida has launched the Ardor Learning Hub, built by their developers with the help of the community. 📌 Travin Keith, managing director of Altrean, and member of the Linux and HyperLedger Foundation pitched a European-wide organ and blood blockchain database this week at the Linux Foundation's Open Source Summit 2018. 📌 Jelurida, XendBit, and Dominium went to Blockchain Summit NG. 📌 A new forging pool (CharityForgingPool) wants to donate its earnings to charity. 📌 Users of the social website are now getting crypto assets for participation on its community forum. 📌 Dominium and China Blockchain Partners (CBP) have signed an extensive partnership agreement to support Dominium’s activities within the Chinese market as a gateway to Asia. 📌 Patoshi needs more testers for another Ardor dapp he made for attachment encrypted or public notes to any site you visit.

Ardor Nxt Group RT @TheCryptoWoman: Who is joining the #Ardor Online #Hackathon? Prizes for these challenges: #currency exchange, #cloud storage #identity verification on $IGNIS #blockchain of $ARDR platform. Contest ends December 6 - prize and entry details here: tweet
Ardor Nxt Group RT @TheCryptoWoman: #maltablockchainsummit - On my way! Looking forward to learning new things, meeting new #crypto friends and catching up with @alexpfeiffer @CryptoDemetrius and @veronicatorras tweet
Jelurida Eventful month is ahead for #Jelurida & $ARDR $NXT $IGNIS #crypto community! #Ardor #Hackathon is ongoing until Dec 6, #Airdrop to NXT holders by #Rya project, #Nxt birthday 🎂#blockchain events in #Malta #Lagos #Singapore...& more! tweet

Jelurida RT @lioryaffe: Yesterday the entire state of #Israel went on shabatical for the municipal elections. A completly manual process. Only 55% actually voted. All this for something you can already do with #Ardor from the convinience of your smartphone and at a fraction of the cost. tweet

NXTER Magazine RT @ArdorPlatform: Presenting #Ardor and the #blockchainasaservice landscape to a great audience today at @MITAMalta, creating a “Game MITACoin” on the #Ardor #MonetarySystem on the Testnet and exchanging it at the #CoinExchange. All available on production as well! tweet
Jelurida Before #maltablockchainsummit next two days, @veronicatorras from #Jelurida presents #Ardor and the #baas landscape! Many thanks to the great audience, to @alexpfeiffer and @MITAmalta for having us! #crypto $ARDR tweet
Jelurida RT @TheCryptoWoman: I found the @jelurida booth in the expo hall of #maltablockchainsummit on my way to the awards dinner. They promise to create #blockchain solutions on their banner and I know they deliver. $ARDR $NXT $IGNIS tweet
NXTER Magazine RT @madfox1234: The "father of modern analysis" Karl Weierstrass was born on October 31th. And this week you will be able to analyze @Nxter_org November I #NxterPuzzle , win some $IGNIS and learn more about amazing @ArdorPlatform and @Ardor_Nxt_Group #mathematics #algebra tweet
NXTER Magazine RT @madfox1234: Happy Birthday, #bitcoin ! Bitcoin as a 10-year-old kid, The technology is still very young, still growing. Do you remember first bitcoin puzzles? We do! Technology is advancing and we in @Nxter_org use amazing @ArdorPlatform and $IGNIS to conduct our weekly #NxterPuzzle events tweet
Jelurida RT @IGNISguide: We are excited to be at @BlockchainMT this week! Come meet us at our booth (Number 260) 👋 let's talk about the best tech for your business! #Ardor #NXT #Ignis #blockchainisland #blockchain #innovation @Jelurida @NxtCommunity @IGNISguide tweet
NXTER Magazine RT @RyaCoinOfficial: Due to all the new members and interest in Rya we are opening another 25 spots in our test net bounty - all you need to do for free Rya is join the test net and fill in your details in a simple google form. Details at: tweet
Jelurida RT @NxtCommunity: Read more about the concept behind #Rya (formerly Ryo) - a project starting off of the proven and stable #Nxt codebase and airdropping 40% of their initial coin supply to $NXT holders #Airdrop #crypto #blockchain #JPL A great highlight of the big potential of $RYA. #MakingMoneyBetter #bitcoin @NxtCommunity. - RyaOfficial tweet
NXTER Magazine RT @CryptoDemetrius: Tired of being berated by ICOs and new exchanges? Visit booth 260 at @BlockchainMT and learn how the #Ardor platform and it's Ignis child chain are ushering in a new level of security and cost savings for businesses integrating services with the #blockchain! tweet
Ardor Nxt Group RT @ArdorPlatform: Malta efforts to regulate #Blockchain an facilitate business a better ecosystem are promissing. We are glad that #Ardor is in the spotlight! #MaltaBlockchainSummit #MBS18 #blockchhainisland tweet
Jelurida RT @lioryaffe: @CoinDeskMarkets Curious to understand on what are you basing your "bearish" outlook? See for example seems like @coindesk is the only publication still ignoring #Ardor and now you came up with this nonsense. tweet
NXTER Magazine First #property fund to launch on #blockchain: Dutch property fund by Max Property Group has launched on the new #Ardor powered @Dominium_me platform. MPG offers 6.5% return per annum plus profit share. #Investors can participate from just €1000. This is #crypto #takeover 🏠 The first asset on Dominium is listed! The first Dutch property bond on a blockchain platform!! - Dominium tweet
Jelurida The first day of #MaltaBlockchainSummit is going on as planned and #Jelurida team members are happy to meet representatives of partner projects @Changelly_team and talk about all things #Ardor and #Nxt with everybody stopping at our stand! #crypto #blockchain $ARDR $NXT $IGNIS tweet
Jelurida RT @Dominium_me: The first asset on Dominium is listed! The first Dutch property bond on a blockchain platform!! tweet

JeluridaRT @lioryaffe: @DGDanish07 @ApolloCurrency @apollo @officialmcafee @cz_binance @rogerkver @Team_McAfee @binance @justinsuntron Thanks for (not) mentioning that all the features you listed were copied from #Nxt and that your logo is suspiciously similar to the #Ardor logotweet

JeluridaRT @IGNISguide: Starting 2019 Strong - we've already activated #Ignis Lightweight #SmartContracts & Asset Properties for #SupplyChain tracking. Testing is now open for #iOS users to use the #Ardor Lite wallet, AR notes app is open for testing, & more in this #ArdorUpdate: