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Ardor is not pegged to any other coin. The only coin which is pegged (on the Ardor chain) is Aeur.

Or at least the trade rate between them fluctuates. If I want to know how ignis is trading against Ardor today I am manually doing the math unless I log into Ardor platform and look at exchange. Hoping there was some online page that listed coins on platform and their trade rates

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JeluridaRT @ArdorPlatform: Check out this demo of the winning Identity Verification contract from the recent #Ardor Online Hackathon 2018 - Lightweight #SmartContracts coded in #java will be the backbone of hybrid on/off #blockchain process automation.
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Ardor Nxt GroupArdorJS an #API wrapper for developers on the #Ardor #blockchain has been released thanks to @aajaji_m More than 250 built in APIs make it easier than ever to build #dapps on $IGNIS and the #childchains of $ARDR platform.
Good afternoon where can I get the wallet in Win 32 Bit version?

The installer doesn't work under Windows 32bits. But still, if you want to use the wallet in a Windows 32Bit system you should download the Platform Independent Zip Package, unzip it (no installer, just unzip it to a folder), and launch the wallet service by executing the run.bat file included in the folder you've just created. And then to access the wallet Interface, open in your web browser the following address > http://localhost:27876

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Ardor Nxt GroupRT @AvdiuSazan: ArdorJS is a NPM package for the Ardor #blockchain to interact with ardor node. This API wrapper will facilitate the development of interactive blockchain projects on #Ardor & the #childchains in the Ardor platform by @aajaji_m via @Ardor_Nxt_Group$ARDR
Thanks for the help but I found what I was looking for..
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Detailed information at & &
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Ardor Nxt GroupRT @ArdorBlockchain: Use Transaction vouchers on the $ARDR platform to send secure fixed invoices between accounts for many kinds of #blockchain transactions. This avoids the problem of entering a wrong recipient address. #ardorinsights -

JeluridaRT @ArdorPlatform: Skip the exchange - go straight from your #euro bank account to $ARDR tokens and enter the #Ardor ecosystem of child chains - it's simple with the AEUR child chain from @ArdorGate. It's a true #StableCoin backed by audit-able reserves of bank deposits.

JeluridaRT @ArdorPlatform: Chat isn't for everyone. Sometimes, a simple forum post will do. That's why the #Ardor community is active on @StackBitcoin answering any questions #blockchain developers have about the platform's functionality. Search existing questions & post your own!
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what is the TPS of ignis
Not many for the moment. Currently each Child Chain (e.g. IGNIS) can contain up to 100 transactions per Child Chain Block. One block is generated in Ardor every minute in average. So it would make 100 transactions per minute for IGNIS. But there can be up to 10 child chain blocks in every Ardor block. So it makes around 1000 transactiones per minute at the moment for the full Ardor platform. But that's an artificial limitation for now. Some loadtest were performed on Nxt (Ardor is based on Nxt), maybe it could give you an idea.However, scalability is not only about allowing a lot of transacions per second but about how you store all these transactions in the blockchain and avoid blockchain bloat. From "The fundamental concept of the Ardor design is a clean separation between "forging token" and "transactional token". In Nxt, it is the NXT coin that serves this dual purpose, being used both to determine forging stake, i.e. the right of an account to generate blocks, and to execute all kinds of value-transfer transactions, i.e. represent unit of value. In Ardor, a separation of these two functions is used to achieve both much greater scalability, by reducing blockchain bloat, and flexibility, by allowing multiple other transactional tokens to be used, in effect allowing custom "child chains" to exist and run on the same network of nodes."This article by Lior Yaffe, Nxt & Ardor core developer, is very interesting: from the article: "So what would happen in practice to a 1000 TPS blockchain? For the sake of discussion, assume that transactions are distributed uniformly 1 every millisecond. This is of course not the case, and what would happen in practice are huge peaks in transaction generation (of perhaps 10K TPS) followed by low periods, which make things even worse.Let’s assume that a node in China and a node in the US solves a hash of a block at roughly the same time. At this moment there are surely transactions which are either unknown to the Chinese node or unknown to the US node. So these blocks do not contain the same transactions and will, therefore, cause the blockchain to fork. These will be massive blocks, so it will take several seconds until the Chinese node receives the US block and vice versa. During this time 1000’s of new transactions are submitted to the network. One of these nodes will have to switch to the other’s fork which means it will need to undo a massive number of transactions from its block and load a massive number of transactions from the other node’s block. During this time yet more transactions are submitted and perhaps more blocks generated. It’s hard to see how this type of network will ever reach consensus about the order of transactions and blocks."
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Abharana Jayadev
Hi, is there any plan to help migrate any Ethereum gaming dapps to Ardor? Like Zilliqa has done recently... Its disheartening to see Ardor not list among Ethereum competitors when there is all capability and potential to successfully run dapps more efficiently on Ardor ... ..
Can you share that tutorial you mention about migrating dapps? For what I've read, that platform you mentioned has been launched on mainnet just three weeks ago.I think the Basic Tutorials, Advanced Guides and API detailed explanations at could help developers with that.Also the Smart Contracts course at Udemy could be a good starting point.Other than that, I don't think there is a specific tutorial for migrating gaming dapps from Ethereum to Ardor right now.
JeluridaRT @ArdorPlatform: Check out the recent highlight of #Ardor and its #childchain solution to #blockchain scalability in this piece from @CoinRivet -
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