The topic of the blockchain in 2019 is STO and real world adoption.There us famous STO project called Polymass.Polymass is ethereum-based and can not be used unless the etherium is implemented conversing POS and multichain due to expensive fees.In other words, Polymath can not popularize STO services in the near future.MPG is based on the Ardor platform that already implemented POS and multichain, and the child chain is scheduled to be activated on Jan 9. Soon, STO services to tokenize real estate funds will start.The first STO service for mass will be privided by MPG. It is not Polymath.And Ardor's parent-child architecture makes it all possible.

NXTER MagazineRT @IGNISguide: Long term scalability is essential for any #dApp or #blockchain service offering to thrive- that's why we make it easy for #ERC20 or #ERC721 projects that believed multichain & POS promises of Ethereum to migrate to Ardor's public #Ignis chain. Migrate now
JeluridaRT @lioryaffe: [email protected] @VitalikButerin here is what I think about using our #Ignis blockchain name for your new L2 scaling solution please read it, it only takes a minute.tweet
JeluridaRT @IGNISguide: With increased regulatory pressures, expect a rise in the #STO model as an alternative to #ICO madness. It takes just 3 simple steps to launch KYC/AML compliant Security Token Offerings on the #blockchain using #Ignis. Read our "How to Launch A STO" Guide:
NXTER MagazineRT @AvdiuSazan: Jelurida unravels Blockchain-as-a-Service$ARDR #Ardor $IGNIS $NXT #BaaStweet
Ardor Nxt GroupRT @TheCryptoWoman: You waited for it and it's here! Lightweight #smartcontracts on $IGNIS #blockchain of $ARDR Platform is a #gamechanger. Come on #dApp builders - bring your best code skills and let's put it through the test! #Ardor
NXTER MagazineRT @CryptoDemetrius: Wondering what will technically happen when #Ardor reaches block height 543000 and the hard fork activates new features? Here's the expected #blockchain play by play from @Jelurida core developer @lioryaffe:
JeluridaRT @CryptoDemetrius: Business - Meet the #Blockchain Solution You've Been Waiting For: - New #LightweightContracts integrate legacy systems w/ the #Ardor blockchain- Asset Properties streamline supply chain management- Get KYCed & invest in #RealEstate w/ @MaxPropertyG.
Ardor Nxt GroupRT @ArdorOfficial: Ardor / Nxt Group has updated the $ARDR #blockchain website to feature more information about $IGNIS and Lightweight #smartcontracts. It is an resource hub of everything to know about #Ardor.
JeluridaRT @lioryaffe: Big thank you for @TheCryptoWoman ,director of the #Ardor/#Nxt group, for her amazing work on improving and promotion of our blockchain technology.tweet
Ardor Nxt GroupJoin the Ardor / Nxt Community to talk about and learn about #Ardor, $Nxt and $Ignis and all the projects on the blockchains. It's the next best thing to working around the table together. $ARDR -
Ardor Nxt GroupRT @GtThijssen: This Property Group (MPG) Thinks 2019 Will Be The Year Of Crowdfunding #MPG #Ardor #Ignis #Crowdfunding #Tech #revolutionary #jelurida #property #RealEstate
Ardor Nxt GroupCongratulations @MPGSupport for the successful launch of your #blockchain on the #Ardor Platform. 🔥 #ignitingtheblockchain are now Live permanently #ARDR#MPG#IGNIS - MaxPropertyG SUPPORTtweet
Ardor Nxt GroupRT @AvdiuSazan: Ardor Blockchain Platform Now Offers Java Smart Contracts with Ignis Lightweight Contracts $ARDR $IGNIS #smartcontracts #Blockchain
JeluridaRT @CryptoDemetrius: @jrdothoughts Really enjoyed your 2 articles on Cloud Blockchain as a Service. That said, I wonder what your evaluation would be for a "Full BaaS" platform w a hybrid public/private multi-chain, distributed consensus, & oracle smart contracts. -
Ardor Nxt GroupThe #Ardor / #Nxt #cryptocurrency community is actively working with the #blockchain and writing about it. Find the community generated content about $NXT $IGNIS and $ARDR and all child chains and #assets here:
JeluridaRT @AvdiuSazan: Hard fork of Ardor and Ignis explained What are $ARDR and $IGNIS ?Why did the #hardfork happen?What are Lightweight Contracts? via @freewalletorg#Ardor #ETH #SmartContracts #blockchain
JeluridaRT @POSfan_78: What Is Triffic?#Triffic, is built on $Ardor blockchain.Website: is a new way for businesses and services to take advantage of augmented reality and blockchain technology to create and manage innovative and immersive customer loyalty programs.tweet
JeluridaRT @NxtCommunity: Explore all activity on #Nxt #blockchain including transactions, blocks, assets, currencies, polls, aliases and more at $NXT
Hey is IGNIS okay to use right now ?

yes, why not? Ignis and the whole ardor blockchain has been running smoothly for over a year right now.

the official wallet can be downloaded from or from > (bottom of the page) > Ardor downloads
Why not just build a dpos system. The platform already requires on a small group to keep track of transactions
There is no limit in the number of archival nodes, just need to change a single parameter in the configuration file and anybody (as long as their node has enough resources to keep the archival node running) can set one archival node up. No extra requirements are needed. In any case, there is no need to develop a new Dpos system or a new non-100% PoS system. In case you don't care (or don't need 😉) the scalability capabilities that provides the Ardor design (100% PoS - based on one parent chain with multiple child chains whose transactions can be prunned) then you can just use Nxt, the first 100% PoS blockchain launched in 2013, which Ardor evolved from, and is developed by the same core devs (jelurida), which already has many of the features that Ardor has, and will eventually inherit some new features that are currently added to Ardor (those features that don't rely on the parent chain <> child chain design). Nxt is a single chain blockchain, 100% PoS, and has no prunning. Here is a comparison
JeluridaRT @jobsincrypto: Featured crypto job: Jelurida is hiring a Senior Java Engineer in Lugano, Sofia or RemoteApply now: #cryptojobs #remotejobs #javatweet
Ardor Nxt GroupRT @madfox1234: Join the global #Ardor community here:$ARDR $IGNIS #blockchain #BaaS
JeluridaWe are happy to announce our partnership with Creatip - a leading marketing agency, to promote our public #blockchain technologies in the rapidly expanding South Korean digital currency markets! #Ardor #Ignis #Nxt
Jelurida#Ardor v2.2.2 is released! This is a bug fix release with many UI enhancements and #Ignis #LightweightContracts improvements. Download it from or #blockchain $cryptotweet
JeluridaRT @NxtCommunity: #Nxt was the first to implement a fully #decentralized coin shuffling as a privacy feature for its users 3 years ago in January 2016. Did you know that besides $NXT you can also shuffle assets or currencies? #blockchain
JeluridaRT @CryptoDemetrius: South Korea has long been home to some of the most avid supporters of #Ardor, #Ignis, and #nxt- Jelurida's partnership with Creatip represents a commitment to nurture this network's growth in the pre-eminent global market for public #blockchain adoption:
JeluridaRT @MobsVideo: Remember when we went to @tnwevents #HardFork2018? Check out our recap video of the conference & Mobs adventure in the Pitch Battle. We had a great time & @rhschafhauser shares a bit about Mobs in this interview #blockchain #startup #pitch #ardor #londontweet
Ardor Nxt GroupArdor / Nxt Group reveals its newly formed Board of Directors. Visit to meet more enthusiastic contributors to the $ARDR / $NXT / $IGNIS #blockchain #cryptocurrency projects.
NXTER MagazineRT @bajodayo: A trip to blockchain hub and other ICT @KadHub today. @ArdorPlatform preparation for a major campus #blockchain #hackathon in #Africa. $Ignis $Nxt #Ardor
Ardor Nxt GroupRT @AvdiuSazan: Ardor Blockchain Platform Offers Java based Ignis Lightweight Smart [email protected] announced their #smartcontract life cycle management framework to integrate enterprise systems with their #blockchain software. #Ardor $ARDR $IGNIS #java
Ardor Nxt GroupRT @OrdenChain: @ArdorPlatform @Ardor_Nxt_Group @lioryaffe @KadHub. Stay tuned in on the blockchain campus hackathon happening all-over Nigeria this year.Sponsored by #Ardor trip to blockchain hub and other ICT @KadHub today. @ArdorPlatform preparation for a major campus #blockchain #hackathon in #Africa. $Ignis $Nxt #Ardor - adedayo bajotweet
JeluridaRT @bl0kphile: #ArdorInsights Token-as-a-License #TaaL is the most flexible method of licensing. Customize your token to fit your business needs with #Ardor $ARDR $IGNIS. Like @EZYcountsuisse is doing with their #blockchain based #accounting solution. More info:
Jelurida#Jelurida to help LongHash mentor #blockchain startups! #Ardor #Ignis #Nxt @longhashdata
Ardor Nxt GroupRT @MrV_777: Jelurida mentoring new blockchain startups and making new connections for #Ardor and $NXT to help LongHash mentor #blockchain startups! #Ardor #Ignis #Nxt @longhashdata - Jeluridatweet
JeluridaRT @bl0kphile: #ArdorInsights Solving the Native #Token Problem is essential for #blockchain adoption. #Ardor is again one step ahead of its competition #ETH with its system of #bundler that act like conversion clearing houses for Txs fees.Setup up your own bundler:
Ardor Nxt GroupJoin the Ardor / Nxt Community to talk about and learn about #Ardor, $Nxt and $Ignis and all the projects on the blockchains. It's the next best thing to working around the table together. $ARDR -
NXTER MagazineRT @veronicatorras: Singapore, where finance and insurance industry is expected to grow a 6.9% in 2019, is one of the epicenters for the blockhain sector. Excited to be at the 2-day @binance conference w/ @Jelurida representing @ArdorPlatform @IGNISguide @NxtCommunity #BinanceBlockchainWeek
JeluridaRT @crypto_ninjas: | @Jelurida partners with @Creatip to promote its #blockchain technology in South Koreatweet
Ardor Nxt GroupRT @ArdorBlockchain: New #Blockchain Identity Verification developed by @aajaji_m as part of #Ardor Online Hackathon by @Jelurida and using Lightweight #smartcontracts on $IGNIS in this beautiful #dApp. Use your $ARDR testnet account to try it yourself -
JeluridaRT @OctavianusSG: 1 block , 3 childchainthe best and the only one $ARDR #ARDOR #crypto #cryptocurrency #Bitcoin #blockchain
JeluridaRT @AvdiuSazan: Ardor Parent - Child Chain Platform vs other private & public solutions feat on the "Blockchain for AI - Review and OpenResearch Challenges" #Ardor#ArtificialIntelligence #MachineLearning #Blockchain #Cybersecurity #SmartContracts #ConsensusProtocols
Ardor Nxt GroupThe ANG Board of Directors sure has fun dancing (er, working) together on the $ARDR $NXT $IGNIS #blockchains!
Ardor Nxt GroupRT @TheCryptoWoman: $ARDR and $ignis are winning the #blockchain #technology race. I write about that race here:
Ardor Nxt GroupRT @albefero: @jota_ele_ene @Jelurida Yesterday you mentioned that it is likely that the private and public blockchains may converge in a hybrid solution. We share this vision with our idea of full blockchain as a service
NXTER MagazineRT @ArdorPlatform: Adoption can't be forced. Only certain markets are ready. We're thrilled to work w/ @longhashdata in Singapore to provide mentorship & support to #startups in the #blockchain space there over the next 3 months through the #LongHashHatch program!
NXTER MagazineRT @bl0kphile: #ArdorInsights #Ardor and #Ethereum #Plasma both reduce blockchain bloat by storing only hashes of child chain blocks on the parent chain #blockchain. More Ardor vs. Plasma:

Hi guys. Downloaded wallet for windows. By downloading the entire blockchain, I constantly have such an inscription at the top: "Welcome to your new account. Your account ID is: ARDOR-....... When you first replenish your account, you can enhance security by providing your public key"