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Jelurida RT @coineventchart: #Ardor #ARDR $ARDR 2018-11-22 - Hackathon Submissions "Opening Date for Submissions: November 22nd. Step-by-step submission instructions will be provided on this website closer to that date." #crypto #cryptocurrency #coin #bitcoin #blockchain tweet
Ardor Nxt Group RT @Dominium_me: Chinese Arbitrator Reaffirms That Bitcoin Can Be Held, Privately Transferred as Property tweet
NXTER Magazine RT @madfox1234: Happy Birthday, #bitcoin ! Bitcoin as a 10-year-old kid, The technology is still very young, still growing. Do you remember first bitcoin puzzles? We do! Technology is advancing and we in @Nxter_org use amazing @ArdorPlatform and $IGNIS to conduct our weekly #NxterPuzzle events tweet
Jelurida RT @NxtCommunity: Read more about the concept behind #Rya (formerly Ryo) - a project starting off of the proven and stable #Nxt codebase and airdropping 40% of their initial coin supply to $NXT holders #Airdrop #crypto #blockchain #JPL A great highlight of the big potential of $RYA. #MakingMoneyBetter #bitcoin @NxtCommunity. - RyaOfficial tweet
Ardor Nxt GroupRT @luckycoins_io: RT @kilkinyox: #ardor rules. Watch out this space. #ignis #bitcoin are excited to say that the 10 sec block generation time was successfully activated on testnet today at block 455000! #blockchain #Ardor $ARDR $IGNIS #crypto - Jeluridatweet
ONLINE LIGHTWEIGHT CONTRACTS COMPETITION ARDOR HACKATON - US$21,000 IN PRIZES!The ARDOR ONLINE HACKATON 2018 is your chance to compete for prizes while solving real world business problems using the Ardor platform's most recent innovation, Lightweight Contracts. As the first full blockchain-as-a-service platform, Ardor has positioned itself to provide an unprecedented level of security while seamlessly integrating legacy business systems with the blockchain. Read more about each challenge and the submission requirements - then start building using the resources available at the Ardor Learning Hub!LIGHTWEIGHT CONTRACT CHALLENGESCHALLENGE 1: Currency ExchangeThink you have what it takes to automate the process of currency exchanges? This is your chance to prove your skills by creating a Lightweight Contract to exchange between Bitcoin and Ignis.CHALLENGE 2: Cloud StorageDecentralized data storage has gotten lots of hype, but most blockchain platforms are still figuring out how to offer this type of feature. In this challenge, you will use the existing Data Cloud on the Ardor platform's child chains to take cloud storage and streaming to the next level.CHALLENGE 3: Identity VerificationFake social media accounts are a major issue, with platforms like Twitter implementing their own verification process. On the Ardor platform, we think this process can be done better. Join this challenge to develop a Lightweight Contract based on reputation management and identity verification.CALENDARLaunch: October 22nd, 2018AMA: Early November - Date TBD, 2018.Opening Date for Submissions: November 22nd.Deadline Date for Submissions: December 6th, 2018, 11:59 UTCWinners Announcement: January 1st, 2019MORE INFO - on Slack -
Reda Elmahdi
Is this a profit for me or something like that?

"forging" in PoS is the equivalent to "mining" in PoW. In a PoW coin such as Bitcoin, the more mining power, the higher your chances to generate a new block. In a PoS coin such as Ardor, the more Stake, the higher your chances to generate a block. And when you generate a block in Ardor, you receive the fees of the transactions included in that block.

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Yacine Ten hoor
Hi I was wondering does Ardor have masternodes?
No, there are no masternodes in Ardor. However, you can set up a node and use your Ardor stake to forge i.e. help the network by taking part in the block generation process. Forging is a lottery. The more ARDR you have, the higher your chance to win the lottery. And when you get to forge a block you receive the fees of the transactions included in that block. "Forging" here is the equivalent to "mining" in Bitcoin or other PoW coins, but instead of your mining power you use your forging power 👉
NXTER MagazineICYMI: The latest #Ardor $IGNIS $NXT update inEnglish: #java #hackathon, #Nxt clones and #airdops, win 5000 NXT, $AEUR vs Bitcoin, $ARDR + moretweet

NXTER MagazineRT @Bit_Swift: The crypto industry just needed a good cleansing. To many ERC20 cats coupled with self proclaimed #Bitcoin prophets throwing forks at each other. Now that those things are out of the way, we can get on the legitimizing #blockchaintechnology and integrating it into #business.tweet

Ardor Nxt GroupRT @MooneyAndrea: For those tired of waiting on Ethereum to achieve proof of stake please see #ardor @Ardor_Nxt_Group @lioryaffe #blockchain #cryptocurrency #proofofstake anti-proof-of-work/anti-Bitcoin virtue signaling by Vitalik. - WhalePandatweet
JeluridaAn article in #Bulgarian media about #Ardor Online #Hackathon. For all interested #java #developers - follow this link for more info #Ignis #LightweightContracts #blockchain #crypto #coding 000 долара награден фонд за участие в специален Хакатон на основата на #блокчейн платформаСъстезанието се организира в чест на едногодишния юбилей на #Ardor и стартирането на Lightweight contracts $ARDR #Bitcoin #crypto - Sazantweet
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Ardor Nxt GroupRT @MrV_777: Are you wondering about #Ardor? What they haven been up to and where they are going? Here is the unofficial roadmap#cryptocurrency #blockchain #bitcoin
JeluridaRT @RKGold: #Jelurida continues to improve an already powerful #blockchain. They are continuing to set the pace and delivering real solutions while others talk and dream. A solid team with a solid product. #Ardor #Ignis #NXT#bitcoin #Ethereum #cryptocurrency #altcoins #cryptocurrencies Lightweight Contracts: — written in #Java — 250+ APIs to launch digital assets — marketplaces — voting systems — cloud storage solutions — messaging applications — and more. On the mainnet Jan [email protected] $ARDR $IGNIS #blockchain #crypto #BaaS #ardorknowledge - madfoxtweet

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JeluridaRT @StackBitcoin: When does Ardor smart contracts come into effect and how does it work compared to Ethereum, EOS, a... #ethereumtweet
JeluridaRT @petkodp: “So the clones of Bitcoin that changed PoW with PoS (PeerCoin and derivates) are slowly reinventing the ‘max rollback’, which was implemented in NXT 5 years ago. Slowly because it seems they are using it only for DoS protection (the…” — Petko Petkov
JeluridaRT @CryptoDemetrius: So @NASA is investing in #blockchain technology for deep space anti-spoofing & DOS solutions in comms using #Ethereum & #Bitcoin. POW functioning in deep space? #Ardor provides the security NASA needs, & its energy efficient POS runs on minimal #solar.
You could for example set a rule to not let forge accounts with 100 millions+ coins

That wouldn't help with protecting the network. Besides, forging pools with high stakes could also be affected. Imagine we were talking about Bitcoin. The main difference between the PoW used in Bitcoin and the PoS used in Ardor is that the "Mining Power" in Bitcoin is replaced by the "Forging Power" in Ardor. I don't think bitcoin users would ever agree to leave out the most powerful mining equipment from the block generating process, because that would decrease Bitcoin security. The same with Ardor: leaving out such amount of forging power would decrease Ardor security.And since the exchange would still have control over these coins, I don't think that would change anything about your forging chances. They could just split the funds in that account into multiple small accounts and keep forging with each of those accounts.Who would set that threshold? And why 100M+ and not 50M+ or 100K? Remember that the main point of forging is securing the network, not making eveyone rich. It's a pitty that most blocks in Ardor aren't full (or even contain no transactions), because then the reward for forgers would be higher. When Ardor is used more, there will be more transactions and the rewards for forgers will be higher.Nxt (Ardor's predecesor) is the first pure 100% PoS coin that has been running flawlesly since 2013 with this PoS system. Ardor uses the same 100% PoS consensus system as Nxt and was launched over a year ago and has also been running smoothly since then.

JeluridaRT @wire_master: I'm really sorry to see that most of the issues listed in this article are solved by @ArdorPlatform @Jelurida . Unfortunately I have to say that also respectable journalists just focus on the top ten valued #cryptocurrencies. That's pretty sad.#Ardor #Blockchain[ #blockchain society ]The Blockchain’s Broken Promisesbecause of...physics#bitcoin #cryptocurrency #fintech #ICO #Insurtech @Stevewal63 @dinisguarda @HaroldSinnott @mvollmer1 @ahier @schimmelrob @jblefevre60 @Paula_Piccard @pierrepinna @AntonioSelas - Andreas Staubtweet
JeluridaRT @CryptoDemetrius: Do not be deceived. #POS works. Using #bitcoin code to build a POS #blockchain doesn't. Proper innovation is built from the core. #Nxt has run secure POS resistant to this attack for 6 yrs & the devs released #Ardor, the 1st multi-chain platform, in 2018. “I Can’t Believe it’s not Stake” resource exhaustion attacks on UTXO-longest chain model PoS currencies with @socrates1024, Yunqi Li, Yuguang Chen, and Joseph Kuo at Decentralized systems lab at UIUC. - sanket1729tweet
JeluridaRT @petkodp: @JohnJRambouts @AvdiuSazan @Ruben_Rotterdam @aantonop Not true. Full nodes need checkpoints for the same reasons SPV clients need checkpoints. And here are the checkpoints in Bitcoin Core in you don't trust me

JeluridaRT @petkodp: @JohnJRambouts @AvdiuSazan @Ruben_Rotterdam @aantonop So what we say in NXT: all this subjectivity is unavoidable, so we exploit it not more than Bitcoin exploits it. In particular, a checkpoint every few months is enough for a user to be able to do the risk management and decide how likely it is that someone bought and sold...tweet

JeluridaRT @petkodp: @JohnJRambouts @AvdiuSazan @Ruben_Rotterdam @aantonop 3. Checkpoints. Bitcoin clients do need checkpoints, no matter how objective the wasting of energy is. It's not only the checkpoint at genesis, it needs regular checkpoints.tweet

JeluridaRT @petkodp: @JohnJRambouts @AvdiuSazan @Ruben_Rotterdam @aantonop 2. Protocol Rules. It is true that a dedicated user can read the whole Bitcoin code, but how does (s)he know what must be written in the code? For example how does one know that Bitcoin uses SHA256 and not Scrypt? (S)he must know that from someone else, right?tweet

JeluridaRT @petkodp: @JohnJRambouts @AvdiuSazan @Ruben_Rotterdam @aantonop 1. The Clock. Following the FPL result, distributed consensus cannot be achieved without synchrnozation. So no matter how much energy Bitcoin wastes, it cannot work with inacurate clocks. Like it or not, NIST servers are 3rd parties.tweet

JeluridaRT @petkodp: @JohnJRambouts @AvdiuSazan @Ruben_Rotterdam @aantonop It's not true that Bitcoin is fully objective and does not depend on 3rd parties. It cannot work without subjectivity for several reasons (list is incomplete):tweet

It's all public. Search for interviews, all types of stuff. Nxter could be a good resource, but mainly the old bitcointalk forums and nxtforum

NXTER MagazineHear the man speak.[email protected] @AvdiuSazan @Ruben_Rotterdam @aantonop It's not true that Bitcoin is fully objective and does not depend on 3rd parties. It cannot work without subjectivity for several reasons (list is incomplete): - petkotweet
JeluridaRT @XendBit: @XendBit is an open protocol for exchanging cross chain cryptos using an off-chain order relay and on-chain settlement. XendBit also seek to derisk the problem in crypto trading - custody of user funds. #CryptoNews #bitcoinnews #bitcoin #Ardor #Jelurida #bitcoin #dex #ICO

NXTER MagazineRT @petkodp: @Febrocas @Ardorgate @CryptoDemetrius @AvdiuSazan @lioryaffe I answer “no”. Ardor is more secure than Bitcoin. Even if the Ardor community is 100, maybe 1000 times smaller, a 51% attack on Ardor costs at least $17M, while on Bitcoin - less than $300Ktweet

JeluridaRT @XendBit: @XendBit The African Blockchain and Cryptocurrency community has been expanding yearly with a massive turn out at the Abuja @BlockchainAf and AI confrence.#CryptoNews #bitcoinnews #bitcoin #Ardor #Jelurida #bitcoin #dex #ICO
Ardor Nxt GroupRT @ArdorBlockchain: Forgers on the #Ardor #POS #blockchain are the accounts that create new blocks and receive awards. Their role is similar to the miners of #Bitcoin. Only 1000 $ARDR are required to get started. #ardorinsights -
JeluridaRT @ArdorPlatform: Chat isn't for everyone. Sometimes, a simple forum post will do. That's why the #Ardor community is active on @StackBitcoin answering any questions #blockchain developers have about the platform's functionality. Search existing questions & post your own!