we should ask them to add Ardor as it's in their metadata... ;)

NXTER Magazine RT @TheCryptoWoman: A #Blockchain Comparison Chart that I worked on with @MrV_777 and many other #cryptocurrency friends. Feel free to share it widely - it's for all of us! $ETH $NULS $ARDR $NEO $WAVES $LISK $EOS $ADA $ICON $ARK $STRAT $WAN $NXT tweet
Check Due to the amount of funds collected during the Ignis ICO, Jelurida said they'll support Nxt for AT LEAST the next three years, as they announced in their ICO whitepaper. So no, no EOL for Nxt. Nxt is 100% PoS and still has much more features than most other blockchain projects out there (you just have to see how many projects are cloning Nxt nowadays - that's why the Nxt blockchain creation Kit was created - ), and will still add more features in the future, according to the roadmap.You can find the Nxt roadmap at the bottom of this page: Additionally, here you can find some official anouncements about Nxt:
NXTER Magazine RT @TheCryptoWoman: I landed in #Zurich without the power adapter for my laptop and needed to take care of business on the #blockchain right away. It was so easy to set up my #cryptocurrency #solar rig and work with $ARDR and $NXT wallets in the garden cafe on the corner! tweet
NXTER Magazine Here's your weekly #Nxter update (August IV) in #Spanish! ⚡️ ¡Gracias por dejarnos informaros acerca de las cadenas de bloques que conocemos y amamos y mostraros las noticias acontecidas durante la semana pasada! Nxter News – Agosto 2018 (IV): Las Personas No Dejan de Jugar porque Envejecen, Envejecen porque Dejan de Jugar $NXT $IGNIS #criptomoneda $ARDR #Ardor #blockchain - NXT_España tweet

Did I miss any news or updates here? I've been busy nowadays.

NXTER Magazine ¡Bienvenidos apreciados Nexteros y resto de seguidores! Your September (II) #Nxter Newsly has been translated into #Spanish Nxter News – Septiembre 2018 (II): No Hay Nada tan Estable Como el Cambio | $NXT $IGNIS #criptomoneda | $ARDR #Ardor #fintech #Blockchain | - NXT_España tweet
Jelurida RT @blockdata_tech: - UPDATE - VERSION 2.1. Here's an updated version of the platform comparison. From now on we will be updating this every 2 to 3 weeks. Keep an eye on our twitter! $ICX $QTUM $ETH $NEO $WAN $LSK $ARK $EOS $STRAT $WAVES $ICX $ARDR $NULS $AION $KMD $PART $NEBL $NXT $VET $ZIL $ADA tweet
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NXTER Magazine RT @GtThijssen: @Dominium_me Dominium blockchain goes LIVE November 30. Be aware that the DOM token is built under the Ardor blockchain which also doubles as a decentralized exchange. Hence, immediately the Dominium blockchain goes live, the DOM token will automatically be tradable on Ardor Exchange. tweet

Ardor Nxt Group RT @TheCryptoWoman: @MrV_777 and I are retiring the #cryptocurrency chart we worked on - he is maintaining a chart that is more timely. Thanks to all in the #crypto community that offered feedback $ARDR $ETH $NXT $ADA $EOS $ICON $STRAT $LISK $NEO $NULS $WAVES $KMD $WAN tweet
Ardor Nxt GroupRT @AvdiuSazan: Max Property Group is using its #Dominium platform to launch a tradable #propertyfund in the Netherlands. This platform uses #Ardor blockchain technology to offer a variety of features such as smart contracts and project management. #DLT #fintech
JeluridaRT @CryptoDemetrius: New release, new features! #Tokenization is going mainstream - you can now tag #blockchain assets w custom name/value pair metadata! Update nodes to #Ardor v2.2.1 & you also get access to #LightweightContracts on mainnet at block 543000, ~10 Jan 2019!

A lot of good news nowadays...

I hope ardor survives the bear market and after that there is a real adaption in real life/business.too many alternate blockchain projects out there, nobody needs so many of them.lets hope that ardor is one of which remains.

JeluridaRT @lioryaffe: I just published "Pages From a Blockchain Dev Diary"
Blue Sea
When to the moon

Within this year.Reason: More transactions will occur by more childchains, lightweight contracts and Dapps like TarascaDao.

JeluridaRT @IGNISguide: The focus has been on #LightweightContracts - but another powerful feature activated on 9 Jan 2019 too: Asset properties with name/value metadata. What does this mean? #SupplyChain simplified for #blockchain. This example shows how to #tokenize agriculture
JeluridaRT @JCL9DOid2QbffPY: Nowadays technology must not injure the earth. This is the reason why we have to use #PoS algorithm for #blockchain.And I believe the best is #Ardor. #Ardor only need solar power and staking.Use #Ardor #NXT #Jelurida #ignis #PoS to protect our world from #ETH #BTC #PoW.😀 just launched the world's first hydrogen-powered train. It emits nothing but water and steam! We have solutions to the #climate crisis. Time to implement them. @JustinTrudeau#ActOnClimate #climatechange #tech #Sustainability #greenenergy #transportation - Mike Hudematweet