Ardor Nxt GroupRT @AvdiuSazan: ArdorJS is a NPM package for the Ardor #blockchain to interact with ardor node. This API wrapper will facilitate the development of interactive blockchain projects on #Ardor & the #childchains in the Ardor platform by @aajaji_m via @Ardor_Nxt_Group$ARDR
JeluridaRT @wire_master: I loved this course and I do suggest it to anyone who wants to better understand the Ardor Lightweight Contracts. #LightweightContracts #SmartContractstweet
JeluridaRT @IGNISguide: The focus has been on #LightweightContracts - but another powerful feature activated on 9 Jan 2019 too: Asset properties with name/value metadata. What does this mean? #SupplyChain simplified for #blockchain. This example shows how to #tokenize agriculture

If you forge a block, do you always get an ignis reward?

If you forge a block, do you always get an ignis reward?
No, Ardor forgers receive ARDR as a reward for generating blocks in the parent chain. To create and send child chain blocks to the Ardor parent chain, the bundlers in each child chain collect the fees from the child chain transaction senders, in the native child chain coins (i.e. in IGNIS), and pay fees to the forgers, in ARDR 👉
Thanks for the help but I found what I was looking for..

12 ignis goes to one random generator from the last 10 blocks, pretty cool incentive

12 ignis goes to one random generator from the last 10 blocks, pretty cool incentive

Yes, that's an additional promotion run by Jelurida, but keep in mind that that reward program (a Smart Contract) is not part of the forging process itself, it's just an additional reward to forgers (and won't last forever 😉)

Ah I see. Thank you!

So we just need to forge and get a chance to get 12 ignis ?

when you get to forge a block, in addition to the fees of the transactions included in that block, you get the chance to earn 12 ignis from that smart contract

Ardor Nxt GroupRT @AvdiuSazan: Ignis Coin Review$IGNIS is the result of an innovative blockchain project, #Ardor. It has immense potential to gain in value. It is still relatively new and should grow well. Ardor was created to power businesses and IGNIS will certainly grow along.
JeluridaRT @ArdorPlatform: Stop worrying. Start transacting on the #blockchain with no risk of sending funds to the wrong account address thanks to #TransactionVouchers. These tamperproof invoices are unique to the #Ardor platform and are easy for anyone to use:
Ardor Nxt GroupRT @lioryaffe: Coming up, print an #Ardor #Ignis #AEUR #Bits #MPG #Nxt paper wallet with 2/3 secret sharing when creating a new account. Place one secret in cold storage for backup. Keep other two separate. Combine them only when you sign transactions and blocks and only in your node's memory.
Ardor Nxt GroupRT @ArdorBlockchain: Use reverse multi-signature #transaction with #phasing feature on #Ardor platform to build a dead man's switch and save your #cryptocurrency in case you die. Simplify it with a Lightweight #smartcontract on any child chain on $ARDR.#ardorinsights -
Ardor Nxt GroupRT @ArdorBlockchain: Travel safely and remember to take your #crypto. Use #Ardor Lite Wallet on your phone for $ARDR $IGNIS $AEUR $BITS $MPG transactions from your #mobile. Links to the #cryptocurrency wallet on #playstore and #appstore are here:
Hi, Welcome!

Hi J12, My name is Phila kone, I work on a website and we have a YouTube channel. I would like to attract major investors to the project through our Hispanic Community, we have members who would love to know your project. I would like to contact the marketing manager of this project.

Check That's Nxt/Ardor core devs' webpage. There you'll find an email for Business Enquiries. You should try sending your proposal there 😉

Open the wallet and log in to your account. Then you need to switch to a child chain (such as IGNIS) to be able to use the Messaging function. Once there, press on the "Send Message" button at the top of the dashboard to start sending your message to another account.

Detailed information at & &

yes, you don't need ARDOR to perform regular transactions using the IGNIS child chain (or any other child chain), just IGNIS coins to pay for the fee

Not much, a single data item is currently limited to 42K. Details here

Right, the Ardor parent chain is mostly in charge of securing the network, while the child chains is where most transactions take place

The data cloud allows you to upload files to the blockchain and receive a hashed version of the file as a sort of “proof of existence.” The documents themselves are “pruned” or removed from the blockchain, leaving just the hash. This minimizes the blockchain size while allowing you to reference the hash on your document, against the remaining hash on the blockchain to prove authenticity at a later date. This could have major applications for the copyright industry, insurance industries, and for cloud services. From

Do you plan to list more exchangers?

Do you plan to list more exchangers?

Yes. We certainly have the plan and we are talking with a couple of exchanges.

@WatchT do you also plan to add Ignis on ardor and Nxt already there...

What is this garbage? Come on people. Ardor is legit tech and you're missing out on an incredible learning opportunity. If you have questions, you are welcome. Please ask. But these site referrals and group invites are unacceptable

By Q2, I expect some more interesting updates. Until then, it's a matter of lining things up.

It is so great if ARDR lists on Bit-Z.

What are the rules as far as what we can sell in the marketplace? For instance there is an Ardor T-shirt listed. Is the use of the Ardor Logo based on a permission or is it free to design with?

No one has the ability to censor the store... It's public and permissionless on Ignis

No one has the ability to censor the store... It's public and permissionless on Ignis

Cool, I was checking out the store and wondered about some things I could make when the creative mood struck.... I was mostly unsure if the use of the logo was okay. Because that’s what I’d start playing with when I get some ideas.

JeluridaRT @ArdorPlatform: Creating an #Ardor account is easy. Download the client wallet today & start exploring the capabilities of the world's first multi-chain #blockchain. With core code in #java, 250 APIs, & Lightweight #SmartContracts - there's nothing holding you back.
JeluridaRT @IGNISguide: What if your #blockchain passphrase could be more secure so you avoid a @QuadrigaCoinEx situation? Core dev @lioryaffe explains the cryptography of Shamir Secret Sharing- an elegant way of securing passwords coming to #Ignis & #Ardor:
JeluridaRT @XendBit: @XendBit The African Blockchain and Cryptocurrency community has been expanding yearly with a massive turn out at the Abuja @BlockchainAf and AI confrence.#CryptoNews #bitcoinnews #bitcoin #Ardor #Jelurida #bitcoin #dex #ICO
NXTER MagazineRT @madfox1234: #Crypto is gradually becoming a part of our reality, so I begin to make a series of wallpapers devoted to various projects.#[email protected] $ARDR #cryptowallpaper
Ardor Nxt GroupRT @ArdorBlockchain: New users and #hodlers can instantly fund their $ARDR and $IGNIS #cryptocurrency wallets directly from the website, making it easy to get started or stuff your #crypto bags.
Ardor Nxt GroupRT @bl0kphile: #ArdorInsights Simple, unencrypted text messages between accounts on #Ardor #IGNIS is the base implementation of Arbitrary #Messages, but since the messages are truly "arbitrary" the range of possible #dApps is vast.
Ardor Nxt GroupRT @ArdorBlockchain: Use Transaction vouchers on the $ARDR platform to send secure fixed invoices between accounts for many kinds of #blockchain transactions. This avoids the problem of entering a wrong recipient address. #ardorinsights -
NXTER MagazineRT @wire_master: As #Ardor can run potentially hundreds of #childchains I've decided to scale up my hardware!Actually that's way too much for a full node. A #raspberrypi could do. 😉#ProofOfStake #Ignis #NXT#Asus #vivostick #StickPC
Ardor Nxt GroupRT @ArdorBlockchain: Forgers on the #Ardor #POS #blockchain are the accounts that create new blocks and receive awards. Their role is similar to the miners of #Bitcoin. Only 1000 $ARDR are required to get started. #ardorinsights -