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When will liberate the Ardor tokens?

Anyone use mynxt wallet during the snapshots?

Logged in today and my ardr is at 0 now and I'm trying to figure out why

Where can i find a wallet to ardr? I don`t will send of Poloniex to Bittrex directly.

I ❤️ Ardor, way go down, so that i can coup more ARDR.

Hello, is Ardor planned with an upgraded asset exchange (2.0) with stop loss possibility?

Crypto Alerts For Ardor Investor. Someone hacked Bo Shen from Fenbushi Capital (early supporter of both Augur and Ethereum), stole his ETH and REP, and dumped it on Polo, hence this price drop. The hacker has a list of email addresses that signed up for Augur. The same hacker has also attacked several other people involved with Augur. In every case their MO seems to be the same: they use social engineering of cell-phone carriers to get your phone number, then if you have a "recovery phone number" enabled in your email they use your phone to take over your email. Once they have your email they can use password resets etc. to take over everything else. IF YOU USE CRYPTOS AT ALL, EVER, YOU SHOULD NOT HAVE A RECOVERY PHONE NUMBER ON YOUR EMAIL ACCOUNT. If you follow the steps in this post then you should be secure. Note that this has no bearing on the security of either Augur or Ethereum. Augur itself was not hacked. Ethereum itself was not hacked. This was purely personal account security and someone exploiting the extreme vulnerability of cell phone carriers to social engineering. The hacker did not directly break any of the cryptography that secures Ethereum/Augur accounts.

ArdoR will rise again!

#HappyChristmas to everyone in the Telegram @CryptoGroups, wishing you and your families a safe & prosperous 2017.…

Could somebody explain: whats the need for nxt if theres ardor

Correct, next summer/spring 2017.

Really looking to invest

Somebody tell me what the meaning rodmap nxt in 1/1/7

can I send ardor tokens from polo to myNxt?

Ardor droping again.. Good time to stockpiles.

Hi, how can I get some test ardr?

Guys. Can we stay ardor like nxt and what is the minimum amount required to stake if possible?

Guys. Can we stay ardor like nxt and what is the minimum amount required to stake if possible?
Ardor's mainnet isn't released yet, just the testnet for the moment. The final version of Ardor will be released in the 3rd quarter, 2017. You can forge in the testnet, but you only receive Ardor tokens for the Testnet (you won't be able to redeem those testnet tokens in Ardor's mainchain (when it is finally launched). To stake in Nxt (called forging here) you need to keep the NRS software running with at least 1000NXT. The more NXT you have, the higher the probability to generate (forge) a block. There is a NXT forging calculator here:

When GO lauch ardr Beta?

Ardor beta = ardor tesnet = avaliable

Can someone pump ardor, please, please, please.

Looking forward into Ardor progress toward 3rd quarter 2017.

Just announced: This weekend there's going to be a blockchain hackaton in London which will rely on Nxt. More info at

Helll yeah lets go 🔥

Live demo case: Voting Blockchain Distributed Platform presented by Lior Yaffe, Nxt & Ardor core developer