Jelurida’s Weekly Wins - April 26, 2019Ardor Version 2.2.3 now available with native Shamir Secret Sharing, log in with Aliases, and moreArdor version 2.2.3 is now available with fresh features, user interface enhancements, and networking optimizations resulting from recent load testing. Noteworthy updates include a new layer of security for secret passphrases using Shamir Secret Sharing and the ability to use aliases as your log in and as the recipient of messages and transactions. See the full announcement for more details.Jelurida opens office in South KoreaContinuing with the company’s recent commitment to expand its presence in South Korea, Jelurida announced it would be establishing an office at the Nonce coworking facility in Gangnam, Seoul. This was a strategic move to support the work of Cheoleung Kim, who recently joined the team full-time to build awareness and trust in this important market as a local company representative.Ardor Learning Hub now includes improved API examples and SSS feature guidesThe amount of information at the Ardor Learning Hub continues to grow. This week, new API buttons were added to make it easier for new developers to test Ardor code examples. Additionally, new Shamir Secret Sharing API documentation and guides were made available to help users take advantage of the new security features.NYC Blockchain Week event scheduled for Tuesday, May 14 - details TBAJelurida will be sponsoring the Blockchain for Business – Philadelphia and New York meetup group’s event during NYC Blockchain Week at the Joynture co-working space at 48 Wall Street. “Making Blockchain Ready for Mainstream” is the theme of the 90 minute event, with the first speakers taking the floor at 6pm on Tuesday, May 14th. Check the meetup page for more info.

Weekly Wins - May 17, 2019Ardor's Successful NYC Blockchain WeekThe Ardor platform was represented at numerous NYC Blockchain Week events this week including Consensus 2019, the launch of the NYC Economic Development Corporation's BigApps Blockchain 2019 Challenge, and the NYC Blockchain Center's "All Things Blockchain" event. Additionally, Skylar Hurwitz organized a sold-out meetup on Wall Street focused on building consumer confidence in blockchain technologies. Some of Ardor's use-centric features like transaction vouchers and Shamir secret sharing paper wallets were demonstrated.Jelurida announces new meetups in Spain on May 28 and 29Lior Yaffe will be heading back to Spain to join up with the team there for a series of events during the week of May 27th. This week, two new events were announced. First, there is the Advanced Cryptography in Blockchain event on May 28th hosted by Bcombinator. Then, Lior will give a key note speech on Ardor and Nxt during the Barcelona Bitcoin Community event on May 29th.Relevance of "stateful" and "stateless" smart contracts gains international attentionBlockchain based smart contracts have been a buzz term for several years, but few people understand the important differences in how contracts store and access data. Now, the terms stateful contract, stateless contract, stateful contract execution, and stateless contract execution have all been defined by Working Group 1 of the International Telecommunication Union's (ITU) Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) Focus Group.Jelurida Africa readies for Ardor demo and panel participation on May 24thA thorough demonstration of Ardor's features will be led by Adedayo Adebajo on May 24th in Lagos. Shortly after that, he will also participate in a panel discussion on "The Future of Money and Decentralized Finance in Africa".COIN360 updated their information on ArdorAs further indication of the success of the Resource Roundup initiative, COIN360 have updated their information on the Ardor project.Blockchain in Media event in Barcelona on May 14As a precursor to the Blockchain in Media event scheduled for May 28th, Veronica Torras led a meetup this past Tuesday, May 14th to give the Barcelona Blockchain for Business community a primer on blockchain technology in media. Anyone in Barcelona interested in learning about this use case should consider RSVPing for the next event.

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Nxt Technical RoadmapQ1 2019Loadtest and benchmark results – optimize the blockchain to support up 100 transactions per secondQ2 2019Asset Increase – testnetAsset Properties – testnetJava 11Q3 2019API Callers and SamplesComposite Phasing - testnetAsset Control – testnetOptimize peer communicationQ4 2019Lightweight ContractsHardware Wallet IntegrationResearchCombined installation of Nxt and Ardor

там у MPG новости Dear MPG community,Following our 4th of June board meeting, we can announce the following plans for the coming quarter (Q3 -2019). Keep reading, as you do not want to miss this!Bruce Springsteen sang “We didn’t start the fire”, but should MPG? The answer is a resounding YES!We hereby confirm that we will burn as many MPG tokens as are currently in circulation. That is nearly 40,000,000 MPG tokens or USD 1,000,000!!! Why are we burning?Initially, we set aside 10% of the MPG tokens for Airdrop and Referral bonuses. We used a lot less than anticipated and after careful calculation of the budgets for BDM and Marketing up until Q4 -2022, we decided that it would a good idea to burn the equivalent amount of tokens that are in circulation. This is also our way of thanking our early MPG tokens purchasers for their support.We have tested the burn procedure by sending 100 MPG to the burn address, which has been specially made by Jelurida for Max Property Group. More details about the burn address and how burning works can be found in this article. (This will also be reflected in the MPG token details page soon)The official Ardor burn account is @ArdorBurnAccount and the wallet address is ARDOR-Q9KZ-74XD-WERK-CV6GB.Check out the address here and change the “Transactions for” to MPG. Additional MPG token burns are forthcoming and these will be even BIGGER, but (yes there always is a but) some development and planning is required before our plans can be fully executed. We will, of course, keep you posted. LIVE BURN EVENT in ROTTERDAM If you are going to do it, do it right!We invite a maximum of 50 MPG tokens holders or Max Property Group investors to come to our LIVE BURN EVENT, which will be held in Rotterdam on the 12th of July. Media representatives (crypto and mainstream) will also be invited to attend the event and of course, publish what we are doing. We may even live stream it from the office, but more details will follow about this.Drinks, snacks and a goody bag will be provided and some MPG tokens will be given away in prize draws, so register now by sending an email to Gudo Thijssen. Transparency By Renaming Company Wallets The Crypto Community wants one thing and they hardly ever get it. TRANSPARENCY!At MPG we believe in 100% transparency and for this reason, we have decided to divide all our tokens into wallets that are clearly identified. Distinct amounts of tokens have been transferred into these wallets, so you know exactly what we are spending and where it is going.Moreover, if we do not spend a certain amount within the allocated time-period, we will burn the remaining tokens!* Example: Marketing 2019 - Q3 wallet contains 2,400,000 MPG tokens, if only 400,000 are used for marketing purposes, then 2000,000 will be burned at the end of Q3 2019. 1) Details of the renamed wallets (which will all be published on the MPG Rich List)