This letter was originally published as part of the Nxt Foundation Marketing Strategy 2017 document and was intended to be read together with it and the accompanying announcement on A lot of things have changed since the launch of Nxt in late 2013. One of those that stood out to me when I came back in mid-2016 after a 2-year hiatus was how less decentralized things were becoming, which has its pros and cons. I remember sending a tweet to what is now considered as the official Twitter account back in the early days and being told that there’s no such thing as an official account since Nxt was a decentralized platform. Just as BCNext thought, things can’t be completely decentralized, though whether Nxt found the level after which a society can’t function as a whole or not is arguable. In any case, some centralization has occurred, both with the Foundation or with Jelurida, the corporation created by the core development team. The creation of both has led to some mixed reactions. For some, it was enough to leave Nxt or solidify their interest in the platform. However, Nxt is still largely decentralized. The Nxt and, soon, Ardor blockchains can be used without permission from either of the two and will never need it. Network consensus is also untouched, which is another reason why the ARDR distribution was 1:1. On the extreme end, even if the Foundation and Jelurida were to disappear instantaneously, the code would still be available and the current version would still be running. Remaining users could create a Foundation of their own as well. It probably won’t be easy to do, but it would be possible.

As a lot of those in the community know, Nxt didn’t have the same start that other platforms have, with only 21 BTC raised in 2013, all of which were long gone by the time the Nxt Foundation or Jelurida came into existence. Also, a number of early projects were either voluntary or funded through bounties by the early members of the community. Aside from core development tasks, everything else was organized in a decentralized manner, whether it was creating tools for community members or creating committees to fill various necessary roles. This is still being done today, though to a lesser degree, due to the various initiatives and 3rd party projects on Nxt and those planned for Ardor. Even a large factor of the Foundation being able to fulfill its role within its first official year even came in the form of donations from community members through the Tennessee Fundraising project with nothing but work promised in return. In a lot of ways, the beginnings of Nxt, coupled with an anonymous and now non-existent founder, matches that with Bitcoin’s. While further funding options are being explored by both parties, whether they be internally or externally, it is clear that the reason why Nxt has lasted so long is because of the cooperation of the wider community behind it, not just the Foundation and not just the core developers. It will also continue to be the key for Nxt and Ardor to go into the future.

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Ardor Platform (@ArdorPlatform) at 2017-12-18 14:05:13 UTC: Want to create a decentralized poll? Doing so on #Ardor child chains like #Ignis will be easy and available in multiple languages. $ARDR -- Link to this Tweet

A thorough review of Ardor and it's abilities as a Blockchain platform with Advanced architecture, Energy efficient (100% PoS), Account Control / Decentralized Market, Secure and decentralized messaging and more! Thanks to for the detailed review.

This will be a presentation on the basics of a decentralized exchange and how we've solved some of the issues building a Binance Proof-of-Concept DEX to be used for the Binance competition. Technologies involved: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Monero, and Ardor

A blockchain lab held on Wall Street in NYC showing an Ardor proof-of-concept demo for a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange (DEX) for Jelurida hopes you will check out the demo by here: #DEX #ARDR $ARDR

Coinfest Nigeria awards Jelurida for its continuous support of blockchain initiatives in AfricaThere are many blockchain projects publicly touting their intentions of supporting the development of a thriving blockchain ecosystem across Africa. Adedayo Adebajo has been Jelurida's point person on the ground in Nigeria and after an incredibly successful hackathon at the Ahmadu Bello University in Zaria, Nigeria (the full report is covered by Nxter Magazine), his efforts were recognized by the Coinfest community with Jelurida receiving an award for “Africa's Best Blockchain Friendly Company”.Ardor Platform mapped in ITU DLT Standardization Focus Group's Working Group 3The International Telecommunication Union (ITU) began a Focus Group on DLT Standardization between 2016 and 2017. The group is set to issue its initial reports and recommendations before the end of 2019 and, after several months of fine tuning the technical architecture for mapping DLT platforms, Ardor platform's architecture is set to be included in the reports appendix.Lead Software Architect Tomi Gountchev cracks John McAfee backed Apollo Project's “Privacy” Feature in < 24 hours.Apollo - Nxt clone and a project backed by John McAfee, claims to provide “Ultimate Privacy” for its users. In connection with this, Bitfi (hardware wallet provider also supported by John McAfee) presented a challenge to find out if the privacy feature works. The challenge, and another one, were both solved by Jelurida's software architect shortly after, and the faults of Apollo's privacy features were explained in details.It turns out that the only properly working privacy functionality that Apollo's code has, is the good old Nxt shuffling - a fully decentralized privacy tool pioneered by Nxt more than four years ago and copied together with more than 15 other well tested features by Apollo when their clone was launched.Jelurida Key Notes THE CUBE Madrid with panel including IBM, UST Global, Liberbank, ISDI Business School, and moreUse cases leveraging the blockchain can only become a reality if everyone understands the limitations of existing attempts to implement the technology. Following an introduction of the ITU DLT Focus Group's work on use case analysis, Jelurida's Lior Yaffe gave a keynote speech on three promising cryptographic techniques that could significantly expand the privacy capabilities of public blockchain networks. These two presentations were followed by a panel discussion on the state of enterprise use cases with IBM, UST Global, Liberbank, ISDI Business School, and Demetrius Consulting.Java devs in Madrid packed eDreams Offices for a Java Smart Contract seminar with Lior YaffeSpain recently ranked as one of the top countries in Europe for entrepreneurs and tech startups – making it the perfect location for engaging serious Java developers in creating blockchain solutions with real utility. More than 20 Java devs showed up for one-hour seminar on smart contracts in Java with Lior Yaffe at the eDreams Offices in Madrid. The event ran overtime by a full hour, with attendees asking advanced questions on the feature's capabilities. Videos from the meetups are coming soon!Ignis is now listed at Bilaxy ExchangeIgnis has been listed on Bilaxy. Available trading pairs are IGNIS/BTC and IGNIS/ETH.

Jelurida and Efficient Frontier Bring Liquidity to IGNIS Trading Pairs on Ardor Platform’s Decentralized Coin ExchangeJelurida ( and Efficient Frontier (, a trusted provider of liquidity and digital asset trading solutions, have developed a market making solution for IGNIS trading pairs on the Ardor decentralized coin exchange. The new market making solution represents a substantial step toward resolving the “chicken and egg” problem slowing the adoption of decentralized exchanges: lack of trading liquidity.The Ardor Decentralized Coin ExchangeThe Ardor blockchain as a service platform has featured a fully functional decentralized coin exchange since its launch in January 2018. Exchange request transactions are stored on the blockchain and trades are settled on each block – a completely automated process performed without any central management. The exchange supports trading between the ARDR parent token and any child chain token (currently IGNIS, AEUR, BITS, MPG), as well as trades directly between any pair of child chain tokens.The Ignis Child ChainIgnis provides the full permissionless public blockchain functionality for the Ardor Platform. It supports all available transaction types and serves as the platform for both asset issuance and Java-based Lightweight Smart Contracts.Liquidity: Key to AdoptionUsing Efficient Frontier’s time-tested market making technology as a basis, the joint research team of Jelurida and Efficient Frontier successfully developed a solution to provide liquidity for selected trading pairs involving the IGNIS token on the Ardor platform’s coin exchange."Many large exchanges have been getting extensive coverage of their efforts to launch decentralized exchanges that simply function as an exchange. On the Ardor platform, you can do so much more." said Lior Yaffe, Co-Founder and Managing Director at Jelurida. "With the deployment of this market making solution, developers and businesses can leverage the business-ready features of the Ardor platform with full confidence that their end-users will have a seamless experience entering and transacting within the ecosystem.""We are proud to be partnering with the talented team at Jelurida who have proven their ability to build disruptive technologies and execute a visionary roadmap. We are impressed by their achievements and humbled to be supporting their growth and expansion." said Roei Levav, Co-Founder and CEO of Efficient Frontier. "Providing trusted financial solutions to the best projects in our industry and inspiring fair trade continues to be our top priority."

Weekly Wins - May 17, 2019Ardor's Successful NYC Blockchain WeekThe Ardor platform was represented at numerous NYC Blockchain Week events this week including Consensus 2019, the launch of the NYC Economic Development Corporation's BigApps Blockchain 2019 Challenge, and the NYC Blockchain Center's "All Things Blockchain" event. Additionally, Skylar Hurwitz organized a sold-out meetup on Wall Street focused on building consumer confidence in blockchain technologies. Some of Ardor's use-centric features like transaction vouchers and Shamir secret sharing paper wallets were demonstrated.Jelurida announces new meetups in Spain on May 28 and 29Lior Yaffe will be heading back to Spain to join up with the team there for a series of events during the week of May 27th. This week, two new events were announced. First, there is the Advanced Cryptography in Blockchain event on May 28th hosted by Bcombinator. Then, Lior will give a key note speech on Ardor and Nxt during the Barcelona Bitcoin Community event on May 29th.Relevance of "stateful" and "stateless" smart contracts gains international attentionBlockchain based smart contracts have been a buzz term for several years, but few people understand the important differences in how contracts store and access data. Now, the terms stateful contract, stateless contract, stateful contract execution, and stateless contract execution have all been defined by Working Group 1 of the International Telecommunication Union's (ITU) Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) Focus Group.Jelurida Africa readies for Ardor demo and panel participation on May 24thA thorough demonstration of Ardor's features will be led by Adedayo Adebajo on May 24th in Lagos. Shortly after that, he will also participate in a panel discussion on "The Future of Money and Decentralized Finance in Africa".COIN360 updated their information on ArdorAs further indication of the success of the Resource Roundup initiative, COIN360 have updated their information on the Ardor project.Blockchain in Media event in Barcelona on May 14As a precursor to the Blockchain in Media event scheduled for May 28th, Veronica Torras led a meetup this past Tuesday, May 14th to give the Barcelona Blockchain for Business community a primer on blockchain technology in media. Anyone in Barcelona interested in learning about this use case should consider RSVPing for the next event.