Exchanges that have set up public polls to let users choose which coins they'd like to be listed there: 👇👇👇 Please vote every day for Nxt / Ardor / Ignis in these exchanges!👇👇👇 Dontoshi (500 votes needed to be listed): CoinPulse: Bithumb has an ongoing 20 second survey where you can request Ardor / Ignis / NXT to be listed there: Additionally, Bitfenon is offering a free listing for the currency most voted by users (Deadline 18th of April) Enter the name (nxt, ardor, ignis), not ticker, of a cryptocurrency, in small letters. Example: ardor
Ardor is designed for the corporate environment because it uses Proof-Of-Stake as opposed to Proof-Of-Work. Thanks, for the great write-up on how Ardor can challenge Ethereum, and explaining some of the core concepts well.
A blockchain lab held on Wall Street in NYC showing an Ardor proof-of-concept demo for a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange (DEX) for Jelurida hopes you will check out the demo by here: #DEX #ARDR $ARDR
A beautiful 22 page document outlining the history of $Nxt #cryptocurrency through the launch of #Ardor has been published. See the Nxt / Ardor Historical Timeline here: $ARDR
We know many people want to learn How to Build their hashtag#Cryptocurrency with Proof of Stake (PoS). Well, it can happen in just a few minutes! This is an excellent  step by step guide on how to use the Nxt Blockchain Creation Kit. Thank you for the article, Sandoche Adittane.

Для кого этот курс:Anyone who wants to learn how to build and deploy a blockchain contract.Beginners looking to get involved with blockchain developmentAnyone who is HODLing cryptocurrency and wants to improve themselves by learning to BUIDL.Business owners looking to use blockchain technology in their company.Ardor fanatics who want to use the Ardor blockchain to the peak of its potential.People looking to get into blockchain programming.Bitcoin, EOS, or Ethereum users looking to explore a different blockchain technology

Решение для масштабирования Ignis запущено в тестовой сети EthereumРазработчики Ethereum Foundation и стартап Matter Inc. представили тестовый вариант решения для масштабирования Ignis, основанного на базе технологий Plasma и zkSNARKs.
Ardor one of the first projects listed by ICEIntercontinental Exchange (ICE), the parent company of the New York Stock Exchange, announced they have added just 58 digital currencies to their cryptocurrency data feed – and Ardor was at the top of the list.Multi-signature accounts just got easierFeatures don’t matter if they have no real world value. On the Ardor platform, the composite phased transactions are one of the most under-utilized functions. A new guide on the Ardor Learning Hub makes the feature real with an example of how to emulate a multi-signature account on child chains.Jelurida to sponsor NYC meetup on April 17thJelurida will be sponsoring the first NYC event by the Blockchain for Business – Philadelphia and New York meetup group on April 17th at The Brooklyneer in Manhattan. The event will begin just after the IMN Synchronize DLT for Financial Institutions Conference. Attendees will participate in an overview of blockchain as a service technologies and use cases, followed by Q&A and networking sessions.Ardor at Grupo Planeta Innovation WorkshopGrupo Planeta invited Jelurida’s Veronica Torras to their recent Innovation Workshop to provide an introduction to blockchain technologies. The event was an excellent opportunity to show off some of Ardor’s unmatched functionalities that make it an ideal solution for businesses.ICYMI: Product Roadmaps UpdatedLast week, Jelurida released updated product roadmaps for Ardor, Ignis, and Nxt. For those interested in a more visual roadmap, community member Madfox put together a nice video.
Announcing official launch of Coalculus Platform on January 2 as compliant hybrid #blockchain protocol based on #Ardor technology 🚀 and Ignis snapshot on December 9 with airdrop ratio of 1 COAL token for 1 IGNIS cryptocurrency.

Hello everyone, it looks that there was someone on Telegram impersonating me with the handle “veronicatoras” and asking people privately to give some BTC. My handle is “veronicatoRRas” with double “r” at the end. We can't find the fake user anymore. But please be carefull because it is a scam. I will never contact you asking to transfer any cryptocurrency or give me any private key of any type.