Hi cryptonians. /biz/ just told me about zestfund, is it legit? Seems like lamdens new project
Coalculus Blockchain to Offer Financial Tools to Southeast Asia. Coalculus is a licensed partner of Jelurida, the core developers of Ardor blockchain technology. Our CMO, Shayne joins The Cryptowoman, Elizabeth to give an introduction.

01 Ardor 1,000,000번째 블록 생성02 IGNIS 보유자에게 COAL 토큰 에어드랍 발표03 Jelurida, 싱가포르 Fintech Week를 종횡무진 하다.04 Convergence 2019 World Blockchain Congress05 이그니스를 활용한 콘셉트 게임 GalleryDefender가 MITA를 통해 Malta에서 시연06 CryptoPlaza에서 개최된 Unconference에 참가07 Jelurida Africa가 라고스에서 개최된 블록체인 혁신 및 투자 밋업에 참가

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Popular South Korean cosmetics and skincare retailer to adopt Coalculus integrated crypto payment solution! 💄🥳Read more about it here:
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