Learn all about #Ardor #blockchain for broad #Business adoption: — Quick Intro about Ardor — Community projects — @jelurida latests news — New features released in Testnet this summer #Lightweight Contracts and Transaction #Vouchers #workingproduct
News digest 05.09.18 📌 Nxter is updating their email list and this is a great time to join them. 📌 Jelurida launched a new YouTube channel. 📌 ArdorForum goes Online. If you had an account with nxtforum you will have an account on ArdorForum accessible with the same credentials. 📌 has Become 📌 Elizabeth Mong, the ANG Director, had a meeting with Rodica Verbeniuc, Director at The Agency for Investment of the Republic of Moldova. 📌 The Winners of the Danube Gamejam / Hackathon ($4000 worth of IGNIS) created a running app that allowed you to collect other conference participants as a trading card, not too dissimilar to Pokemon Go. 📌 On September 3rd the Dominium ITO started, this time at €0.10 per DOM. 📌 Lee Gibson Grant, a blockchain entrepreneur, is announcing a massive project in Moldova: wine tourism and the underappreciated wine regions of the world tied together with future tourists by using Nxt based Smart Contracts in order to sustain and develop rural economic segments of the world. 📌 This week blockchain-gaming project Tarasca DAO published a Medium article that talks about the concept for the monsters and potential revenue streams for holders of entire “sets” of monsters.
How I created my own cryptocurrency blockchain in less than 30 minutes.
Hi there, We are proud to announce the PRE-LAUNCH of the Online Ardor Hackathon that will contain a series of Lightweight Contract coding challenges with prizes as follows for each challenge: 1st prize - $4000, 2nd prize - $2000, 3rd prize - $1000 (paid in IGNIS tokens). What does it mean for us to pre-launch? Easy! Pre-launch means that we are finalizing the details, but in the meantime developers interested to be the first in line for details about this Hackathon can subscribe here: With this Online Hackathon, Jelurida, blockchain developers since 2013 offering solutions based on the energy efficient PoS consensus algorithm and scalable multi-chain architecture, invites developers around the world to participate in developing Lightweight contracts on one of the most innovative and advanced blockchain platforms available. Stay tuned for more news and help us spread the word!
[QTUM, '아마존 웹서비스 차이나'와 파트너십 체결] 암호화폐 전문 미디어 코인데스크(Coindesk)에 따르면, 아마존 웹서비스 차이나(AWS China)가 퀀텀(QTUM, 시총 29위)과 파트너십을 통해 서비스형 블록체인(BaaS, Blockchain as a Service) 솔루션 개발을 위한 프로젝트를 공동 추진한다. QTUM 팀은 해당 파트너십이 AWS 사용자의 스마트 컨트랙트 개발 속도, 효율, 비용을 개선할 것이라고 코인데스크 측에 밝혔다. 또한, 코인데스크는 AWS China 측이 "QTUM은 이제 AWS의 기술 파트너이자 파트너 네크워크의 구성원"이라며 제휴 사실을 확인했다고 전했다. - 콘텐츠 공유 시 출처를 밝혀주세요 '코인니스 앱 다운받기' iOS( 안드로이드(
## OKEx, 31일 58개 거래쌍 거래 중단-상장 폐지 홍콩 소재 글로벌 암호화폐 거래소 오케이이엑스(OKEx)는 오는 31일 (유럽CET 기준)까지 50개 이상의 거래쌍(Trading Pair, 암호화폐간 거래)을 거래 중단 및 상장 폐지(Delist)할 것이라고 전했다.
We are excited to say that the 10 sec block generation time was successfully activated on testnet today at block 455000! #blockchain #Ardor $ARDR $IGNIS #crypto
Great news! #Jelurida has been selected as a finalist to pitch #Ardor and its revolutionary POS-secured multi-chain #blockchain platform w/ #LightweightContracts at the @HardFork Decentralized Pitch Battle by @tnwevents in London on Dec 12! #HardFork2018
Busy days ahead: #Jelurida was selected by IE Venture Network to pitch on Dec13 in Madrid and today we will present as one of the top 10 Post-ICO #Blockchain startups @HardFork powered by @tnwevents in London! #crypto #Ardor #Nxt
#Ardor is Whitepaper of the week at the Largest #Crypto #Whitepaper Database thanks to @johnvanrijck! $ARDR #Ignis $IGNIS

A friendly reminder to all Ardor/Ignis users and exchanges trading ARDR and IGNIS: Make sure to upgrade to the new Ardor v2.2.1 before January the 9th. A planed hard fork is scheduled for block 543000, when the Light Weight Smart Contracts and the new MPG Child Chain will be deployed. Anyone who does not upgrade by then will be left on a fork Download from

Is Max Property Group Winning The Security Tokens Platform Race? Max Crowdfund Announces Its Token Listing On Stex.Com Today, Taking It A Step Closer To Becoming the First Platform To Launch A Tradable Security Token On A Blockchain - Rotterdam, Netherlands, 17th January 2019- The race to become the first platform offering Security Token Offerings (STOs) is mostly being run by dApp developers, on the Ethereum network, but no-one has issued a working platform on which users can actually buy and trade STOs, until now. Whilst organisations like Polymath have taken a back-end approach to STO issuance, Max Property Group (MPG), a property investment company from the Netherlands, has been developing a front-end focused property crowdfunding platform. It may not enjoy the same hype as some of the better known dApp developers or protocol builders but Max Crowdfund is a functioning property platform with over 70,000 users in 180 countries, operational in over 20 languages. The platform has been built on an Ardor child chain and some of its users can already buy STOs in the form of property bonds. With today’s announcement of being listed on a public exchange, they are well on the road to becoming one of the leading organisations to have tradable Security Tokens on a blockchain. Max Crowdfund, previously Dominium, is an asset backed (property) crowdfunding platform on which approved users can invest in property backed assets from as little as €1,000. The assets currently on offer are exempt from regulation in the Netherlands, and investors can already invest in these assets, making them security tokens in every sense. (Users outside the Netherlands may also potentially invest in these assets, subject to local regulations). MPG is currently developing the functionality for third parties to create assets on the blockchain, using the asset creation tool on the Ignis childchain. Once this process is complete, they will be able to offer tradable Security Tokens on a blockchain. In order to allow traders to actively trade these assets, appropriate licenses will be sought from regulators in the Netherlands and Europe where new crowdfunding regulation is being developed by the European Union. The Max Property Group blockchain went live on the 9th of January 2019 on Ardor and MPG is already being traded on the decentralised coin exchange on Ardor. On Thursday the 17th of January the MPG token is being listed on the public exchange and anyone willing to buy or sell MPG for BTC can do so from 12:00 CET onwards. The ETH trading pair will follow several weeks later and Max Property Group is applying for listing on several other exchanges. About Max Property Group Max Property Group (MPG) is an international syndicate of property professionals with decades of experience in property investing, rentals and fund management. MPG began operating in 2015 and launched its first property fund in 2016. Further funds followed in the UK and Germany adopting similar business models and adhering to local regulatory practices. In 2017, the Company Principles decided to take steps to streamline its business activities by reducing administrative and marketing tasks, and in early 2018 began developing an international property platform with long-term associate Munte Immobilien and other team members. In addition to the Max Crowdfund platform, the group offers services which include property investment funds, investment property sales, management services, rental services and a property investing academy. About Max Crowdfund The Max Crowdfund platform is an online, global marketplace for property investors, project developers and real estate professionals. By tokenising assets, offering industry tools, standardising regulatory materials and translating all into multiple languages, the platform allows users to access high-quality, asset backed property investments, trade regulated property assets and finance real estate projects. By facilitating cross-border transactions and making property investing available in multiple langu
'람다256' 두나무서 분사…블록체인 개발플랫폼 '루니버스' 출시

Binance DEX is made by the blockchain community, for the blockchain community, with support from Binance developers, as part of advancing our mission to spread the freedom of money. The decentralized exchange is built on top of Binance Chain, which we started developing and grew into a community initiative, and will use Binance Coin (BNB) as a native asset.✅ Participate✅ Reviews

블로그카테고리 이동더키(THEKEY) 블록체인 프로젝트 공식 블로그검색 MY메뉴 열기소소한 정보중국의 ICT 전문가가 ITU-T 분산 원장 회의 그룹 마드리드 회의에 참가더키공식2019. 4. 6. 22:24 이웃추가본문 기타 기능중국의 ICT 전문가가 ITU-T 분산 원장 회의 그룹 마드리드 회의에 참가​중국 정보 통신 연구원 (CAICT)​2019 년 4 월 1 일부터 5 일까지 스페인 마드리드의 Biquatorial University of Comillas에서 ITU-T (International Telecommunication Union Standardization Sector) 분산 원장 회의 (FT DLT) 회의가 개최되었습니다. 이 회의는 Trusted Blockchain Promotion Program이 공동 후원하고 마드리드 시의회와 스페인 왕국 경제 및 상업부의 지원을 받는 스페인 Alastria Blockchain Alliance에서 주최했습니다. 중국, 브라질, 미국, 러시아, 멕시코, 남아프리카, 스페인, 포르투갈, 영국, 한국, 이스라엘, 르완다 등 70 여명이 참석했습니다.​​준비 회의에서 ICT와 클라우드 컴퓨팅, 데이터 Weikai의 큰 블록 연구소의 부국장의 중국 과학원은 신뢰할 수있는 체인 추진 계획 연설을 의미합니다. 크리스토프 STECK의 공공 정책 국장 텔레포니카와 ITU-T 수석 전문가 아돌프 마틴이 멋진 연설을 했습니다. ITU-T 포커스 그룹 Suzana의 부회장 요약 및 분류, 공급 및 추적, 수집 및 사용 사례를 차단하고, 분산 원장을 사용하기 위해 지속 가능한 케이스를 개발하는 것을 목표로 삼았습니다. 교육, 물 공급, 환경 보호 등의 분야를 포함하여 회의를 진행하였습니다. 현재 개발 블록 체인을 결합하여 지속 가능한 개발 목표를 달성하는 여러 응용 프로그램 (SDG)을 스페인과 유럽 연합의 블록 체인 어플리케이션의 최신 개발 사례를 소개합니다.​​3일 동안 FG DLT 작업 회의에서 각 작업 그룹은 DLT 용어 정의, 사용 사례, 참조 아키텍처, 아키텍처 및 실제 시스템 매핑, DLT 플랫폼 평가 기준, DLT 규제 프레임 워크 및 DLT 기술 전망과 같은 7 가지 용어를 정의했습니다. 이 주제는 깊이 있고 열정적으로 논의되었습니다.​용어 정의 측면에서이 회의에서는 전달 된 D1.1에 포함 된 37 개의 관련 용어에 대해 논의했으며 현재 ITU-T SG16 Q22 토론 그룹, ITU-T FG-DPM 데이터 처리 관리 포커스 그룹, ITU- T SG17의 Q14 / 17 토론 그룹 인 ISO TC307과 NIST는 블록 체인과 관련된 최신 제출물을 보유하고 있습니다. ITU-T FG DLT 포커스 그룹은 블록 체인 용어의 엄격한 정의 및 분산 책을 개발하기 위해 최선을 다할 것입니다, 협력 연락을 확립 서적 및 기타 표준, 다른 토론 그룹을 배포했습니다.​이 회의는 디지털 신원, 시스템 보안 및 데이터 관리의 세 가지 수평 차원을 중심으로 금융, 의료, 데이터 공유, 농업, 정부 관리 및 기타 수직 분야에서 최신 사례 템플릿을 기반으로 합니다. 이 그룹의 52 개 블록 체인 사례는 분류되어 요약되었으며 금 추적, 동물 보호, 주민 관리, 예술 무역, 탄소 배출권 거래, 투자 추적 성, 식품 추적 성, 물류 확인, 신원 확인 등 전문가를 초빙했습니다. 블록 체인의 기존 응용 프로그램은 인증 및 실시간 과세와 같은 다양한 관점에서 공유됩니다. 이어서 FG DLT Distributed Ledger Focus Group은 이러한 경우를 기반으로 사례 정보를 수집하여 블록 체인 응용 프로그램에 대한 표준화 된 권장 사항을 구성합니다.​기술 아키텍처 측면에서 회의는 지난 회의에서 제출 된 분산 원장 기술 참조 아키텍처에 대한 전문 토론과 개선을 수행했습니다. 주요 작업은 Hyperledger Fabric、Hyperledger sawtooth、DisLedger、Ontology、EOS、Ardor가 분산 아키텍처 및 기술 참고, 아키텍처의 정확성을 확인하기 위해 컨트롤 매핑을 완료하고, 다른 블록 체인의 당사자 제공 분산 원장 플랫폼을 사용한 다차원, 고 부가가치 정보 또한 회의에서는 분산 된 부기 기술 평가 가이드 라인에 대해 논의하면서 데이터 개인 정보 보호, 시스템 견고성 등의 평가 요구 사항을 더욱 개선했습니다. 또한 분배 원장 시스템 생태계 평가를위한 관련 기준이 추가되었으며, 시스템 성숙도, 인재 공급, 운영 비용 및 플랫폼 독립성의 네 가지 측면에 대한 새로운 평가 지표가 설계되었습니다.

iCommunity Labs & Tech , owner of the Blochchain-as-a-Service solution platform ,, has announced its important agreement that aims to facilitate the company's development of new dapps and use cases that are part of its iBS platform "iCommunity Blockchain Solutions" on these block chains. This agreement is framed within its strategic line "blockchain agnostic", which pursues the independence and decoupling of the tools available in iBS with respect to the Blockchain technology on which they are supported."With this structure we achieve greater availability and independence as technology advances and depending on the requirements and needs of each client," said Miguel Ángel Perez CEO & Co-FounderiBS already has use cases applicable to the certification of digital content (contracts, notifications, degrees, work parts, etc.) and the traceability of processes (logistics, production, etc.).The innovative startup continues to grow and in recent months has important new achievements such as: winner of the "Innsomnia-Logalty" call for acceleration program that offers agreements with corporations and associated entities, " OpenAwards 2019" awards (Best Startup Finalist), which they recognize the Open IT Innovation projects and initiatives that have stood out the most in the last 12 months, "Desafía Tel Aviv 2019" , a highly competitive selection process in which less than 10% of applicants are accepted, where validated startups will participate in a three-week immersion program in Tel Aviv and Hong Kong, " NextAwards" of the Retail & Brand Experience World Congress, where only 8 selected emerging companies from all over Europe and the United States passed to the final phase, and selection in the Nanjing Tech Week (China) covers international business innovation and one of the most important events of the year.

As for how to improve the situation, Buterin said that networks need to evolve away from the idea that every computer is required to verify each and every transaction to a model whereby a computer on average verifies only a small portion of the transactions on the blockchain.The improved scalability this would provide would bring costs down by a factor of over 100, he claimed. And while security is to some extent sacrificed by such a move, the compromise would be fairly modest, in his words.

Latest Development Of Blockchain Security Solutions Market In Global Industry 2019-2025 – Rapid News Network

Global Blockchain Security Solutions Market Analysis Research Report 2019-2024 : Gemalto, G2 Crowd, Inc, IBM, Oracle, ClearSky, Kaspersky, Aujas – Mach Tribune

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Blockchain in energy conference 행사는 IBM과 Jelurida가 후원합니다.

Weekly News - 19년 10월 7일- Jelurida와 Ardor 블록체인이 ITU에서의 블록체인 표준화에 기여한 것으로 인정 받음- Alberto와 Veronica가 South Summit 행사에 참가- 항만 컨퍼런스에서 Francisco가 Ignis위에 구축된 관련 사용 사례에 대한 연설 진행- MPG가 프로젝트 ITO 2단계를 시작 - 퍼블릭 Ignis 블록체인에서 회사 지분을 토큰화- UC Irvine의 Connected Learning Summit에서 Ardor 및 Ignis를 기반으로하는 게임 기반 교육 및 평가 프로젝트 발표- Abuja Blockchain 및 Digital Conference에서 Adedayo 연설 진행- Jelurida Korea, 두개의 블록체인 미디어 채널에서 인터뷰 진행

*By sending us your picture, you give us an irrevocable and unlimited permission to use it on our website and social media accounts regarding the "Blockchain Anywhere" promotion and marketing activities. Your Ardor account and email address will not be disclosed and will be treated in accordance with our Privacy Policy.**Limited to the first 100 participants. Jelurida team members are welcome to also send us photos, but are not eligible to receive a bounty.

팁 드리자면 어플 실행할때 "Download Blockchain Archive"누르시면 더 빨리 블록 다운 받을 수 있어요

Coalculus Blockchain to Offer Financial Tools to Southeast Asia. Coalculus is a licensed partner of Jelurida, the core developers of Ardor blockchain technology. Our CMO, Shayne joins The Cryptowoman, Elizabeth to give an introduction.

- Ardor v2.2.6 출시- 포르투갈 WebSummit에서 Jelurida의 기술 전시- 가나에서 개최된 블록체인 자격 과정을 Jelurida Africa가 후원- Ledger 마지막 리뷰를 위해 Ardor App 제출- Malaga에서 개최되는 Global Blockchain Congress에 Jelurida 참가 준비중- 신규 상장 소식 : NXT - Biteeu, Ardor - Atomars- Mobs 콘셉트 앱 공개

Jelurida가 스페인 Malaga에서 개최되는 Global Blockchain Congress's Convergence에 참가합니다.(11월 11일 ~ 13일, 부스 운영 예정)

01 Ardor 1,000,000번째 블록 생성02 IGNIS 보유자에게 COAL 토큰 에어드랍 발표03 Jelurida, 싱가포르 Fintech Week를 종횡무진 하다.04 Convergence 2019 World Blockchain Congress05 이그니스를 활용한 콘셉트 게임 GalleryDefender가 MITA를 통해 Malta에서 시연06 CryptoPlaza에서 개최된 Unconference에 참가07 Jelurida Africa가 라고스에서 개최된 블록체인 혁신 및 투자 밋업에 참가